C.J. Thomason

C.J. Thomason


12/6/1982, Abilene, Texas

Birth Name

Christopher John Thomason


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Born and raised in a small-town Texas community Christopher John Thomason came into this world on December 6, 1982. Now going by the name C.J., he first got into acting through a sibling rivalry with his brother. Once he realized the thrill he got from being on stage,…more


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  • Very talented. He's got me hooked since the first episode of Harper's Island.

    Boy! He's amazing. Not only he looks good, he has a certain homeboy/confident presence in the screen that is enchanting. He'd doing wonderfully in Harper's Island. And he's able to give life to a character that makes me want to keep watching the show week by week, ever since the first episode. Even if I am not into gore and horror. I havent' really followed his work until Harper's Island. I think I will. But I really hope this role is a great stepping stone for him. Definitely recommend you check his work as Jimmy Mance in Harper's Island.

    Way to go C.J.!!! Keep that up, gorgeous!moreless
  • I think I am in love with him. Simplely put, the Actor's Studio should be hosted in his home,where ever that may be. Also, has he considered running for office? If so, what would be his platform? Does he support equal rights for women?moreless

    So, where do we start when discussing one of the most prominent men of our days? The answer... elementary school. It is said that CJ enjoyed great success on his grade school campus, accompanied by an unriveled amount of popularity. This is where the review begins. This small scale fame is probably where he acquired his taste for entertainment which drives his career. It is obvious he has a love for the audience and is intentional about entertaining them, even on more subtle levels.

    The depth. While not fully harnassed, lets take a look at where CJ pull real substance into his technique. A memorable scene from the Young Warlocks would be when some more popular boys slam him into urinals threatening to mark his body in less appropriate parts of his anatomy. His subtle acceptance of defeat gave him clarity in a moment of certain humiliation. What clarity? The clarity to take it while your already down. We all know that getting up when your down only progresses or worsens the attack to subdue one, or in CJ's chacter's situation it would have worsened the torture through humiliation. In alot of ways I think CJ could have pulled alot, while not all, of his emotion from the end of his elemetary exodus. While ending his education at Crockett Elementary vicious rumors set fire to not only CJ's reputation but also to inner being. Of course, I mean to say soul. The very soul that God formed in his mother's womb. The scar left would harden CJ's heart even to this day. Ithink that CJ has incorporated some of this reality into his technique but notenough. Drawing from truthis always creating a reality on stage or screen. The fact is, even actors are human and if they were not, well why would we the audience watcxh them. See, I believe ating and entertainment to be a form of communication and when there is a languge barrier it becomes hard to communicate. Being to cool to be a human serves as a pretty effective language barrier. It is the humanity of an actor that gives him the ability to act. At least it should. To sum up a review that only looks at The beginning of CJ's educational/social life an the beginning of his onscreen acting career I would say he is doing well but has a long way to go in both, life and career. That is beter than having nowhere to go like most young actors. May your talent assist you and God Keep you. Gift are given even to be misused, so remember choice.moreless