C. Martin Croker






Birth Name

Clay Martin Croker




C. Martin Croker, was born in January of 1962. As a child, Clay worked on flip-books and home movies. Clay studied at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta. Eager to animate all of his projects, he was told that animation was dead by his instructors in 1981. In 1986, Clay's instructors were proved wrong when MTV began running new animated shows and animated music videos. During the 80s, Clay worked on radio commercials. After four years, Clay married his girlfriend April in 1988.

Clay worked at an art-supply store, making cartoon signs. Jerry Wallace, animation supervisor, noticed Clay's signs, and hired Clay. Clay's first professional job in animation was at the Stone Mountain LaserShow, where he worked for three years. Clay left because of control issues from the park boys. Dave Strandquest helped Clay to get a job at Cinema Concepts, which Clay held for one year.

In May of 1990, Clay then moved on to Crawford Communications, as cell animator. Had Clay not been hired, he could have accepted a different job working for John Kricfalusi on 'Ren & Stimpy'. At Crawford, Clay worked ninety hour weeks, and finally insisted that they hire Strandquest in 1991, to lighten the workload. After Crawford absorbed Propeller Animation, Clay and Dave gained John Ryan and Mike Schultz. After several moves, the foursome were working in a warehouse, equipped with couches, a drum set, and a basketball net.

In Spring of 1993, 'Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast' was being concieved by Andy Merrill, and Clay thought at first it was a joke. Andy Merrill's original pilot was at first rough. A Hollywood production house shot a second pilot, complete with Gary Owens (original Space Ghost) and Herve Villechaize, on a set not unsimiliar to 'The Tonight Show'. Clay took an interest in 'SGC2C' after realizing that the people working on it knew nothing about the original Space Ghost series. Clay proposed the show featuring Space Ghost should be set in outer space, and also suggested that the sidekicks should be captives. After these two premises were accepted, Clay drafted Zorak and Moltar as the musical sidekicks; an affinity for Zorak, and a picture from classic 'SG' of Moltar pulling a lever. Instead of Gary Owens, George Lowe, Atlanta radio talent was picked for Space Ghost, and Clay surprised Mike Lazzo by offering to do Zorak, the sidekick. Mike accepted. Clay worked on 'SGC2C' as set designer, Animation producer/director, lead animator, and voice for both sidekicks Zorak and Moltar.

After several years of 'SGC2C', Turner created 'Cartoon Planet'. For three years, Clay lent his voice to Zorak on two seperate programs, until the show was cancelled. In 2000, Brak of 'SGC2C' spun-off onto his own show, 'The Brak Show', and Clay followed, again as Zorak and also as an animatior and designs. Clay was offered Animation director, but declined, wishing to keep his role as Animation director on 'SGC2C'. Clay helped former animation assistant Matt Jenkins of Wild Hare Productions with standing poses for Zorak, and lip flap of both Zorak and Brak. Despite mass-appeal, 'The Brak Show' was cancelled in 2003. 'SGC2C' lasted for another year, before also being cancelled.

On 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force', Clay was responsible for Meatwad and Frylock's animation, Shake's turnarounds, designing and animating several other characters. Clay also did some bizarre scenes with Dr. Weird and Steve, both of which Clay voiced.

Clay has also worked on Space Ghost comic books, with fellow voice-actor Andy Merrill.

C. Martin Croker once again lends his voice to Dr. Weird and his sidekick Steve in the upcoming 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Movie'. Also, he has spent months designing characters and animating explosions for the film.