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  • A very talented man, someone I hope to meet!

    I discovered Clay through the fact he does the voice of my favourite cartoon character, Zorak. After reading about him, I found he is very talented in a whole range of things from drawing comics, animating, voice over work and much more. He is an inspiration to me as I am also an artist and up and coming animator. I also have a great respect for him since he is knowlegable in so many areas of animation.
    He also seems a nice, cheerful person and I would love to meet him one day! He's definately up there with my animator idols!
  • He's okay.

    So far, all I know about him is that he voices Dr. Weird and Steve on "Aqua Teen Hunger Force." To be honest, those roles are nothing special, but C. Martin Croker gets the job done well. He has a good voice, but, again, nothing special. I believe that anyone could voice the people he voices, although he does make Dr. Weird and Steve funny.