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  • Trivia

    • Clay owns Big Deal Cartoons Inc.

    • C. Martin Croker has designed the cover art for two of Brak's full-length music albums: 'Musical Barbeque' and 'Surf and Turf'.

    • Clay has been married to wife April, since the mid-80s.

    • Clay still owns a copy of the tape of the original 'Space Ghost: Coast to Coast' pilot. The pitch, constructed by Andy Merrill, was an amalgamation of clips from the early 'Space Ghost' and 'Battle of The Planets', patched together with CNN interviews with Denzel Washington and Emma Thompson. Andy voiced Space Ghost in this pitch. The original tape is at Cartoon Network.

    • Clay cut down Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring' to three minutes to accompany a laser show (also Clay's work) assembled for Stone Mountain Park.

    • Some influences are animators Irv Spence (early Tom & Jerry), Carlo Vinci (Wacky Races), Ken Harris and Ben Washam (Warner Brothers), Richard Williams (Pink Panther films), Milt Kahl and Glen Keane and Ward Kimball and Freddie Moore (Disney). Also, Clay is inspired by Cosmo Anzilotti, Kelly Armstrong, Ralph Bakshi, Ed Benedict, Eddie Fitzgerald, Rob Scribner, Jim Tyer, Bob Jaques, John K., and Robert Taylor.

    • As a youth, Clay used to make his own stop-motion films. Using a video camera, Clay would shoot a second of film, stop the camera, reposition the object or objects, start the camera, and repeat, to create his home-made stop-motion films.

    • At first, Don Messick was considered to reprise his role of Zorak on 'SGC2C', but they instead picked Clay.

    • Clay's favourite books: Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Frankenstein, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and War of the Worlds.

    • Clay's favorite musical artists: Beethoven, Frank Zappa, Neil Young, Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, and the White Stripes.

    • Clay's favorite movies: Apocalypse Now, Citizen Kane, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein (1931), Full Metal Jacket, Goldfinger, King Kong, The Incredibles, Night of the Living Dead, and The Thing.

    • Some of Clay's interests are Art, Film, Books, Music from the 20s, Cartoons from the 40s, Furniture from the 50s, Toys and TV from the 60s, Drive-in movies and Romero Zombies.

    • C. Martin Croker has a blog called arglebargle! On his profile, he has described himself as an Archivist, Historian, Packrat, Recluse, Hermit, and a Weirdo, as some of his descriptions.

    • C. Martin Croker is making his debut in the movie industry in the upcoming 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Movie', by voicing both mad scientist Dr. Weird, and his ginger assistant Steve.

    • Like fellow voice actors Andy Merrill and George Lowe, Clay Croker appears annually at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, held over the Labor Day weekend.

    • Clay Croker and Andy Merrill (voice of Brak) worked together on several "Space Ghost" comic books. Clay drew the pictures, and Andy composed the stories.

    • Croker has lent his talent for the animation and design for the current Jetsons–Electrasol commericals.

    • The C. in C. Martin Croker stands for Clay.

    • All of Croker's work has been with Adult Swim a division of Cartoon Network.

  • Quotes

    • Clay Croker: If I had a psychiatrist he'd probably say it just means that I'd ultimately rather endorse oddities or glorify accomplishments of others rather than toot my own tin horn.

    • Clay (about SGC2C): In the first version of the pilot, Andy (Merill) did Moltar, he kind of did him as a hillbilly. Really strange.