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  • Well it's about time there's an asian brotha.

    It's nice to see some asian male actors appearing on a major network. We are hard to come by these days. But the problem is we always get type casted. I mean don't get me wrong or anything it's nice to see an asian male on tv for once but we still play the same old character. The untuff, nerdy, a no ladies man type of guys. Unless we know martial arts (jet lees and jackie chan's). We can't just be the regular asian guy or how about a tuff asian dude but doesn't necessarily need to know martial arts but they can handle them selves. Take the mentalist, at first I didn't care for it but hey there's the token asian dude. And he plays a cop but he's not the lady's man and his character is has no personality, stiff and what not. It's a pretty good show but you get my point. Take C.S lee character the nerdy guy and get a women for nothing. He's funny but again you don't see with a women that he date regularly. Oh well what can you do. If you guys ever noticed an Asian man is hardly EVER put up with a white girl on T.V. I find that very odd. But this show overall is great i have to say. Hopefully his character will get more parts and maybe more.
  • CS Lee is the most awesomest actor of our generation. He delivers his lines with accuracy and clarity.

    The way he enters a room makes you feel warm all over. His character is very very very real and believable. He has the most perfectest skin and hair. I bet he smells like success. His wardrobe makes him look regal and attentive, without going overboard. I bet he can really really drive a ball hard, he plays in tournaments. Someday he will be a regular at Hef's mansion. Rumor has it that he was Class President and Quarterback. That explains his agility and perfect body. Ah, to look into those eyes everyday would be close to heaven. I would love to have him over for supper... And Eat Pie.