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Caitlin Glass


11/16/1981, Washington, D.C.

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Caitlin Tiffany Glass


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As a theater student from the University of Texas Arlington, Caitlin took a tour of the Funimation studio and had an audition the same day. She soon became synonymous with her auto-mail tinkering character Winry Rockbell in the popular TV series Full Metal Alchemist and her lead role…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Caitlin sings several of the One Piece English dub closing themes:
      Run! Run! Run!, Glory Because You're Here, and Faith.

    • According to her commentary in Ouran High School Host Club, Caitlin's favorite character in that series is the young-looking boy Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka. Caitlin also mentioned that for a brief time in first grade, she used to have the short cut hair and glasses that was like her main character Haruhi.

    • Wrench Monkeys
      Caitlin has an active official fanclub called Wrench Throwers Anonymous that was started in August of 2005. Her mother serves as one of the moderators and regular contributors. The members are known as Wrench Monkeys, and they participate in contests, birthday wishes, convention gatherings, and other fun events.
      In 2008, Caitlin got her official website designed by one of her fans.

    • Caitlin is one of the interviewees on the Full Metal Alchemist DVD Volume 13 special feature. This is one of the few times she has appeared on video including close-ups!

      Caitlin participated as herself in the Christmas webisode of the Funimation Update Quickie broadcast on December 22, 2008.

    • In an interview with her friend on DubReview, when asked about characters she wished had more recognition, Caitlin mentioned her character in the Sakura Taisen Ecole De Paris OVA's. She plays Erica, who is a lot like Winry and Hiyono.

    • Caitlin's first time using a dialect on TV was as an unseen/unnamed (voice only) reporter in Galaxy Railways. Her first major TV voice role where she got to use a dialect was for Chachamaru in the Negima series. Before then she applied dialects in her theater roles.

    • Cosplay
      Caitlin has never cosplayed at a con. She did appear as Winry in Vic's fan film Fullmetal Fantasy.

      Caitlin has appeared as Wonder Woman at Six Flags Over Texas; in fact it was her job there! Too Cool!

    • In October 2006, Caitlin participated in a local theater production of In Watermelon Sugar.

      In April-May 2007, Caitlin participated in the theatre production of The Odd Couple by Neil Simon at the Theatre Three in Dallas, Texas. The cast received the Dallas-Fort Worth Theatre Critic's Forum Award for Best Ensemble Cast in September 2007.

    • Caitlin's favorite recent anime is Honey and Clover.

    • According to the audio commentaries in Spiral, Caitlin's hair was very similar to that of her character, Hiyono.

    • Caitlin's first role as a lead actor is Hiyono Yuizaki in Spiral. She not only shares front billing with Daniel Katsuk (Ayumu Narumi), but also voices all the previews for its upcoming episodes, each with a creative introduction.

    • Caitlin's earliest convention appearance wasn't far at all; she attended her college's anime club event, ArlingCon 2004, where admission was only a dollar.

    • In an internet interview, Caitlin quoted "Welcome to Mousebat..." which is from Monty Python's Flying Circus as one of her favorite sayings.

    • Caitlin was made an honorary member of The Spoony Bards, and she sang with them at Ohayocon 2007. She did Motherland, one of the FMA closing themes (the one where you see a photo montage of 'Winry and Den'), and sang it in Japanese!

    • Movie appearances
      Caitlin has provided some of the additional voices in the Lupin the 3rd videos.

      Caitlin also sang for the Case Closed movie.

      She played Winry in the Fullmetal Alchemist movie, which premiered in July 2006, and which was released in September 2006.

    • Caitlin attended four conventions in five weeks (May/June 2006) with the other Funimation actors and directors. The conventions included: A-kon, AnimeNEXT, Sogencon, and Animazement. She also attended four conventions in July 2007.

      Although many of her convention appearances have been tied to current anime, Caitlin has also hosted sessions for origami, and participates in Sunday Worship on-site.

      Past Conventions
      2004: 2 appearances
      2005: 5 appearances
      2006: 10 appearances
      2007: 10 appearances

    • One of Caitlin's favorite music artists is Eyeshine an alternative rock band from Reseda, CA, of which voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch is a singer and guitar player.

      Additional Favorite musicians include Kristine Sa and Michael "Piano Squall" Gluck. She had Kristine Sa sing the theme songs for the Suzuka anime that Caitlin directed.

    • At University of Texas, Arlington, Caitlin performed in the UTA Jazz Combo and Vocal Jazz Ensemble concert in April 2004 where she sang The Rainbow Connection. She also performed in the UTA Jazz Concert in Spring 2003 where she sang I've Got You Under My Skin.

    • Caitlin made the Dean's List every semester from Spring 2000 through Spring 2004, at the University of Texas Arlington.

    • Caitlin sings the English closing theme songs for the Burst Angel TV series and OAV.

    • Caitlin has led worship at her local church in Texas. Caitlin has also been known to participate in on-site Sunday worship services at the anime conventions.

    • Caitlin's favorite Bible verse is John 3:16.

    • Caitlin's favorite older animes include Sailor Moon, Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances), and Full Metal Alchemist. She also enjoyed Cowboy Bebop and Paradise Kiss.

    • Caitlin's video game voice acting includes:

      Winry (of course) in Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir

      Assorted vampire characters in Blood Rayne 2.

      Amidatelion in the English version of Final Fantasy Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.

      Cammy in Street Fighter IV.

      Vivi in some of the One Piece English dubbed console games.

    • Director's chair
      On October 4, 2005, Caitlin started ADR Directing. Her first task was with some episodes in Case Closed, and she also helped out with Negima, Trinity Blood, and Rumbling Hearts as an assistant.

      In February 2007, Caitlin notified her fan group that she is the ADR Director for the anime Suzuka.

      In 2008, Caitlin announced her role as ADR Director for Ouran High School Host Club. Caitlin posted regularly on her director's blog on Funimation's website and announced cast members.

    • Caitlin's first role as a Funimation voice actor was in the Case Closed series.

    • Caitlin joined Funimation in January 2004. Her friend Nathanael Harrison was a mix engineer there and invited her to tour the studio as a fan. Director Eric Vale heard she was a theater student, and gave her an audition where she voiced just one line, which she nailed, and got an offer.

    • When Caitlin was a junior and senior at University of Texas, Arlington, she was the president of the school's chapter of the Alpha Psi Omega honorary drama fraternity. She also belongs to Alpha Chi and Golden Key.

    • Caitlin has a Bachelor's in Theater Performance at the University of Texas, Arlington. She graduated magna cum laude.

    • Although her most popular character has blonde hair, Caitlin has red hair.

    • Caitlin is a big Jesus fan, and posts regularly on an internet journal website.

    • Caitlin attended elementary school, middle school and high school in Escondido, California.

  • Quotes

  • Caitlin Glass is one of the best voice actress and I admire her and her work.

    I have only seen two of Caitlin's work but they both were very good, one was Fullmetal Alchemist and the other was Spiral. Caitlin tends to make all of her work enjoying to watch, I just love the characters she plays as, they always tend to have a good sense of humor, well the two I saw. When she voiced as Hiyono Yuizaki from Spiral, Hiyono, right then and there became my favorite anime character and Caitlin became my favorite voice actress. At the end of any Spiral episode I always looked forward to seeing Hiyono's Playhouse also know as Hiyono's Useful News Report. She has a way of making her characters fun to watch and leaves you with anything rememberable about them.moreless
  • -gasps- No one has left her a review! Shame on them! I shall! =^-^=

    Heehee ^^ Now what to say about Caitlin Glass. I never know what to say about anyone >.< Well I first heard her as the voice Winry Rockbell on Fullmetal Alchemist and then Hiyono from Spiral. She now is one of my favorite voice actors. I even read an interview with her in one of the shojo anime magazines my friend orders. I can even idetify her in minor roles like in Case Closed. Of coarse I can do that with most voice actors. I enjoy most of the shows shes in. She is excelent at her job and can do basically any role. I especially love the squeels she does as Winry.moreless