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Caitlin Van Zandt

Caitlin Van Zandt


7/13/1985, New York, New York

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Caitlin Vanzandt
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In early 2006, actress Caitlin Van Zandt joined the cast of the CBS soap opera, Guiding Light as Ashlee Wolfe, a part that was initially only meant for a six episode run. Instead, her character was bumped up to recurring status and eventually, in 2007 Caitlin joined the…more


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    • Caitlin: (on her lap-band surgery) I don't know why it's such a taboo topic, but it is! I'm always reading articles where celebrities talk about everything from their drug rehab stints to the people they've slept with, yet I've gotten flack on the internet for doing the Lap-Band as if I'm somehow being a bad role model. A lot of the fans relate to me because I'm real looking - which I think is wonderful - but they also had this predisposed notion that I was proud of the way I looked. The truth is, I've been self-conscious about my weight since I was a kid. I haven't worn a bathing suit since I was six - we even used that as a line on the show.

    • (On hearing the word "fat" during auditions)
      Caitlin: The older I get the less difference it makes to me personally, so the 'F' word doesn't sting!

    • (On a scene she'd love to do on "Guiding Light")
      Caitlin: A torrid sex scene with any hunk of Springfield! I think that would be enjoyable, but again comical.

    • Caitlin: I love that my job allows people to come up and talk to me. You wouldn't get that working at an office.

    • (After the cast of "Guiding Light" traveled to Biloxi, MS to rebuild homes)
      Caitlin: I am a changed person because of my experience. I really am. I didn't realize it went beyond New Orleans before we got down there. I knew the Gulf was hit, but I didn't know how bad. I didn't know how bad things were still. It looks like a Third World country.

    • Caitlin: I prefer comedy because I find it more challenging. I have a very full emotional life that I can tap into and that I can relate to, but comedy is fantastic. I love things that are a little suspended from reality.

    • Caitlin: The fabulous thing about daytime; all your co-workers are sexy men.

    • Caitlin: (On getting the part of Ashlee Wolfe) Honestly, I didn't believe for a second I would get it. I wasn't a "typical" soap opera type.

    • Caitlin: (on Stagedoor Manor) Mandy Moore was two doors down from me. Natalie Portman was there, too. It had musical theater, straight plays, and classes. But beyond acting, I learned how to act backstage and how to act material. And a man there named Michael Larson took the kids seriously and changed countless lives.

  • Caitlin Van Zandt - New Breed of Soap Star.

    When you think of a soap star who automatically comes to mind? Kim Zimmer, Tracy E. Bregman, Susan Lucci?

    Caitlin Van Zandt is not your average soap star. She's not a size two diva walking across the screen in her bra and panties making "goo goo eyes" at the hunky towel-clad hero, yet that is exactly what makes her great. She's a woman EVERY woman can relate to. As Guiding Light's Ashlee, Van Zandt brings new life to how a soap star is perceived, and does it all with a fresh sense of humor and amazing talent. Girls of all ages can watch this fantastic actress on televisions longest running show and finally find someone they can relate to, and not a moment too soon. In a society that puts so much emphasis on being "skinny", Caitlin proves that it's the size of your talent that really matters.moreless