Caleb Ross

Caleb Ross


12/10/1981, Whangarei, New Zealand

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Caleb Ross


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Kiwi actor, Caleb Ross, is most widely known for his work on the futuristic series The Tribe, where he played the scheming "Lex".

An accomplished musician and writer, Caleb has appeared in many of the New Zealand based television series', like Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Shortland Street, and Mercy Peak.more


Trivia and Quotes

  • the best guy on the tribe!!!!

    gorgeus!!!!!this guy has the most talented out of all the tribe cast.his character rules them all!its that wonderful combination of macho pig-headedness and that small hidden vulnerable side that we all know is there.this guy has the ability to be a complete jerk(whitch is pretty much most of the time)but still the most loveable and fun charater on the show.not to mention that he's incredibly good looking at the same a person who has seen him in real life the difference between his character and him are striking!!in real life caleb is one of the most quiet and laidback out of the whole cast.hes so easygoing and downto earth and kind of modest.(once you get him talking)its amazing how he can put on those clothes and explode as the lex we all know and love.he's kinda like a sean penn/johnny depp in real life.he's a true talent and i dont think we have seen the end of mr.caleb ross.moreless
  • I have no summary at all!

    Caleb Ross is so hot/cute if the scale monitor went to a 100 he would be 100.And also he needs some pictures!Also it would be great for him to get a bigger part of \"The Tribe\".Is Caleb over 21?

    But ya Caleb is the hottest guy on the planet. Yup.