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  • Now, one of my favorite tv actresses.

    Great on "necessary roughness". Perfect for that role.
  • We were rolling on the floor laughing at her Tammy Faye Baker make-up for that awards show. I was thinking a good gust of wind might lift her up by her eye lashes and POOF where's Callie? She claims to be Afganie, Ital, etc. Anything but Spanish.

    Lenore Mendes Chaves, a.k.a. Callie Thorne

    Callie Thorne, Leo, as she calls herself in her Silver Spring, Md. neighborhood, looks OK for being 56 yrs. of age, but the only Wheaton she has been to is the Wheaton Maryland Mall. Her father-in-law taught at Md. School of Art, her 3rd husband is Mark Mendes. She has claimed to be from Seattle ( no ) born in Nov. of '69 ( another component of her sex fantasies, eh, wanting to be a SCORPIO, when she was born Dec.22, in 1953. She has two sons, 18yrs. and 16 yrs.of age, living with her and husband Mark, a filmmaker, in Silver Spring, Md.
    She cannot act, but she loves to take her clothes off. Compensation, I guess.
    Acting crazy for Leo is _not_ acting.

    A famous quote from one of her friends when she and Mark married, "He must be very brave." Spineless is more like it! That's why this marriage is still going, I think.
  • Crazy

    Well, if you are looking for someone to play a psychotic then Callie is your girl. As Sheila on Rescue Me she has really nailed the role of a very disturbed young woman who has defenitely got some big time issues. The scenes where she launches into her...let's say very very big mood swings are really something to see. Callie let's it all come flying out, flying!

    It's quite a talent.
  • Beauty with talent

    She is one of the most beautiful actresses of the modern age and she manages to perform each role perfectly. She can play every role individually unique. There is no reason to consider her a type cast player because there is no connection between her characters on Rescue Me, Homicide: Life On The Streets, The Wire, ER and now Prison Break. She envelopes the role and makes it her own. She brings a joy to the screen and is just a pure knockout beauty. I hope to see more of her in more central roles on TV, Movies and my dreams. :)