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  • Totally needs to be in bigger and greater shows/movies.

    His acting range is phenomenal. From being a goof ball to a heart throb to a frightened soldier. He made "Red Sands" worth watching. Actually he makes anything worth watching. Again he needs to be in bigger and greater movies. He diffidently needs to work with Leo and Crowe in a movie. Or even being in a great TV show like NCIS or CSI. I could totally see him in NCIS as an MI-6 agent. Mr. Blue should have been James Bond. He fits that profile. Totally hot, sexy and British!
    Awesome actor. One of the best actors of my generation.
  • Callum Blue is hilarious!

    I think Callum is one of the best British actors aound. He is original and under rated. He is THE funniest Character on "Dead Like Me" which was cancelled after only the second season. Much to my disappointment... He could make me laugh with the simplest of sentence in just the way he says it. He seems very outgoing and charismatic and I think he takes what the directors give him, and makes it his own. The funny thing about him is that in DLM he is funny even in the interviews, showing that he is not just a one role guy but an alll rounded funny man. I would like to see him in other programmes or films in future and see what else he can bring to the table.
  • Gorgeous, British, Windwerful

    I just love love love Callum. I think he's so talented and he is comedically on point. I have been watching him in the re-runs of "Dead Like Me", and I think he's phenom!!!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing his career take off. I think he'd be really great in a comedy or sit-com. I really enjoyed him in Related, as Ginny's husband. However, I really adore his comedic side better, and I'd like to see him in more comedic roles. I'm really looking forward to seeing where his career takes him. I'll certainly be along for the ride.
  • It's Bob!

    Oh, I loved Callum Blue on Related, he was so great. I'm pretty sure it's his accent that is so adorable, though he is too. Plus he just has this really great nack (if that's the word) for his character. He really is Bob to me! Plus there's just something about the way he acts you don't see very often. I remember him in Princess Diaries 2, but now I'll have to see that again, just because he's in it. Callum Blue is great, even if just because I love his name and accent!

    Oh and does anyone else think he sounds like the lizard in the Geico ad?
  • Man, Callum Blue is sooo cool...

    I love this man. Playing Mason, an undead Brit who smokes every drug and drinks every drink known to man, on Dead Like Me, he's awesome. Playing Bob on Related he's awesome too. Even taking out his amazing looks, he's got heaps and heaps of talent; Callum is just plain funny, and his sense of comic timing impeccable. I'm more familiar with him in Dead Like Me, and though I kept hoping that he and George would get together, that didn't end up happening, as the show was cancelled. The point is, though, he made the possibility that they would get together so much fun to speculate that it was nearly impossible for me to stop watching. Callum's a truly talented-and underrated- actor who deserves to be recognized for his skill.
  • A great actor who is absolutly funny.

    Callum Blue is a great actor just take a look at his small role in Princess Diaries 2 or his numerous appearance on television shows like Related and Dead Like Me. He is so funny in his roles and makes you laugh no matter what. He plays his roles with all his heart and makes you love each and every character. I truly hope that this fabulous actor will someday get a great role which will truly show off his acting ability. He really needs to be placed on a show that will with any luck last for more that two seasons so we can see him truly shine as an actor.
  • He is so cool on related

    He is the best person on related. He has the coolest accent. I also love his character. He seems way loveable on the show. He is the best. he seems like a really nice person in real life. like i said he is the best thing on related. I hope they have another season.