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    • Callum: I watched Prince William for ideas because I think he's the most charming out of the lot of them. I think he's the most likable, as well. Again, I think it's so easy to play these characters without redeeming qualities. They've had everything their whole lives. And I really wanted him to be a likable character so I practiced the wave and the walk and I tried to get a bit of that in him. So yeah, I watched this video called "How to be a Prince." I have no idea how I found it.( Talking about his charcter in princess diaries 2)

    • (asked "What do you do when you're not working?")
      Callum: I've been out of drama school for three and half years and I've worked constantly. I think I had three months off once and I panicked. I was like, "Oh my God, I'm never, ever going to work again," so I just drank a lot of beer – and it really helped.

    • (talking about TV vs. movies)
      Callum: Three years, I'm not over the hill (laughing). For me, at this stage in my career, I like TV better because I got to live with my character in "Dead Like Me" for two seasons. I come into a movie and it's harder because I got the character in the last week of shooting, and that's no good to me. I think when you're an experienced film actor, you can come in and turn it on straight away. But for me, it takes a little bit of time. For me at the moment, TV is rewarding me more because I really get the character.

    • (asked "What do you have in common with your character, if you have something in common? about "Princess Diaries")
      Callum: You don't think I do, do you? I have absolutely nothing in common. I'm from a very dodgy part of London and I used to look at those aristocratic people and think, "You snobby, snobby bastards…" But playing this has really allowed me to see it from the other side. I think that being part of privilege and never having to work a day in your life is so boring. I'm so glad of what I've achieved. I'm so glad I've achieved it as well. I work hard to do it and that makes me very proud. So it's nothing like my character at all. But that's why I'm an actor, because I get to see other sides of life and I get to be other people and it excites me so much.

    • Callum: Oh my god, that requires some imagination. Wow. Where do I see myself in ten years. And where I see myself in ten years is on my own island, with my own helicopter, with nobody around, and a shark for a pet.

    • Callum: Oh man, good question. I haven't had any time off for the last year and a half, basically. I like going on vacations. I rented this house out in the Hollywood hills and its got a sundeck so I just spend most of my time there looking at the view. When you're an actor, you're around so many bloody people, that getting away from everybody for once is a real welcomed change.

    • Callum: My best quality is my worst quality. I'm very, very honest. In other words, when I'm in interviews, I might say things that other actors will not say.

    • Callum: (Callum answering who or what would you say is the reason for your success in acting?) Good question. I think it's because my mom and my sisters rely on me, and I support them and to do that I need to work. So I work hard at it. And it's the only thing I can do to make money because I'm stupid in everything else. So I think it's the fact that my mom and my sisters rely on me and I have to kind of come through with the money for them. They're my driving forces. They back me up every step of the way. Without them I wouldn't be here.

    • Callum: (about Julie Andrews) It was really great. And I think she's in the perfect movie, because she's almost like Hollywood royalty. She's just a really lovely lady, really.

    • Callum: I come from a very rough area in England, and we didn't really have much schooling or anything, so I just kind of fell into it in the local theater. It was just something to keep me out of trouble. Instead of kind of having fights on streets and stuff. It was to go and kind of be involved in a theater group. I was probably about 11 or 12 then and I did a few productions there and then just carried on with it really, and I hated school, so that was pretty much it.

    • Callum: [on Dead Like Me co-star Mandy Patinkin] "The first season he invited me into his trailer and put a video in. I'm a really big fan of Patti Lapone and he and Patti are singing. He got up and started dancing and singing in front of me and the whole trailer is rocking around and then we both walk out and there's a crowd of people watching, wondering what was going on! We're talking about a musical episode of 'Dead Like Me' for the new season."

    • Callum: [on returning to Dead Like Me] "By the end of 'Princess Diaries,' I was really looking forward to getting back to Mason. I missed him so much. It's so much more fun being bad and naughty. But I spent the whole of 'Princess Diaries' drinking to get into character for Mason - I suffer for art - then I read the first script, and he's bloody sober. Wasted all that drinking."

    • Callum: When I'm on the red carpet, most people say, 'Who the hell is that?' It's downright embarrassing.