Callum Keith Rennie

Callum Keith Rennie


9/14/1960, Sunderland, Tyne-and-Wear, England, UK

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Callum Rennie, Callum Renney
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  • Juliette Lewis, Callum Keith Rennie, Jos...
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Callum Keith Rennie was born on September, 14th, 1960 in Sunderland, UK. He has two brothers, one of them older and one younger. When he was four years old, his whole family emigrated to Canada. They lived in Edmonton, Alberta, where Callum graduated from Strathcona High School. Throughout…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • When he received his student loan, Callum took the money, bought a truck and went fishing for a couple of months.

    • In 1996, Callum Keith Rennie and Hugh Dillon co-stared in Hard Core Logo, a mockumentary about a punk rock band, reuniting for a charity tour. To get a feel for tour live, Callum accompanied Hugh's band The Headstones for a couple of weeks before filming the movie.
      The two of them have been friends ever since and fans are joking about the fact that Hugh Dillon drops Callum's name in nearly every long interview.

    • Callum spent an afternoon in jail when he was arrested for owing $2,000 in unpaid parking tickets.

    • Callum had guest appearances in two episodes of The X-Files and was then offered to play the now famous recurring role of Alex Krycek. He turned that down because it wasn't well enough paid to justify a long term commitment for him. Being relatively new to acting, he wanted to make various experiences. Nicholas Lea got to play that role and Callum stated that he didn't regret his decision.

    • Some critics have referred to him as the Canadian James Dean. According to Callum, the only similarity he shares with Dean is that they both smoke. He stated: "I'm called bad boy or the new James Dean by those who want to romanticize my past, who don't want to see it as a life of pain in which I was another person." And on another occasion: "I'm an addict. Print that."

    • He has a tattoo of the Champion Spark logo on his upper right arm. It is an homage to painter Stuart Davis.

    • He has the nickname "The Body Hammer" which was given to him by his brothers, but it is not known what it is in reference to.

    • Callum's left eye was injured in a bar room fight when a shard of glass drove into his left eye and retina.

    • Award Wins:
      1997: Gemini Award for Best Performance in a Children's or Youth Program for My Life as a Dog
      1998: Genie Award for his Supporting Role in Last Night
      2001: Leo Award for Best Male Performance in a Feature Length Drama for Suspicious River
      2003: Leo Award for Best Male Lead Performance in a Feature Length Drama for Flower & Garnet
      2007: Leo Award for Best Male Lead Performance in a Feature Length Drama for Unnatural & Accidental
      2008: Genie Award for his Supporting Role in Normal

      Award Nominations:
      1994: Genie Award for his Supporting Role in Double Happiness
      1997: Gemini Award for his Guest Role in the Dramatic SeriesSide Effects
      1998: Gemini Award for Best Performance in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-series for For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down
      1999: Gemini Award for Best Performance in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role for Due South

  • Quotes

    • Callum: (on dialogue) The less lines, the better. I am the silent film actor, but not in a slapstick sort of way. Film is an image-based medium, so whatever you can say without the words is far more provocative and punctuating. If the lines are not funny or if they don't advance the story, sometimes it's hard. I hate talk in movies.

    • Callum: (on whether he had many fights like the one that got him injured) Nope. I wasn't much of a fighter, I was just mouthy and if I got a couple of drinks in me... I'd cause trouble. It seemed I caused a lot of trouble around. But no, when I read that it makes me cringe, because it makes it sound like I was a bad ass and I was really just someone who'd got lost in their life and I had sandals on. OK? I had sandals on and I wasn't looking for trouble.

    • Callum: (on his lead role in the tv show Shattered) I haven't done it before. You don't have to take the heat when you're number two or number three. As we shot, I kind of went, OK, I thought it would be weirder, more uncomfortable. It seems that with the amount of work I've done I can take on that responsibility.

    • Callum: (on his theater work at the Shaw Festival) I started working on a play, then I lost my mind, got on a bus and went to Seattle and flew to England in the middle of rehearsal.

    • Callum: The work moves on a subconscious level into your life. It's not a process you notice, but I'm often informed by the world around me that I start behaving differently - whether the character is demanding, needy, evil, or maniacal. It's not by choice, it's a subtle envelopment.

    • Callum: When I was seventeen, I drank a twenty-six-ounce bottle of vodka in a half hour and went into convulsions. I woke up in hospital. Alcohol became many things; an antidote to pain, a means of being more outspoken, a way to feel better than I did in my regular life. I'm sure I laughed a lot, if only I could remember. I didn't see it as a problem until later on, until everything around me - relationships, trust - was destroyed. When did fun become fun with problems and then become just problems?

    • Callum: There is always this perception that you want to shoot for the top, but I think there's this great place to shoot for the middle and get consistent work and try different things and do the work you want to do with the kind of people you want to do it with.

    • Callum: Painting puts me into an alpha state. It's a private event. I make all the decisions in the process and never have to deal with the outside world.

    • Callum: Alcohol seemed to be the solution but I am not sure if I have fixed the problem. That is my greatest fear.

  • One of the most under-rated actors out there. A sought after talent.

    Callum Keith Rennie, or CKR as his most rabid fans call him, is one of the most sought after character actors in entertainment today. He is most famous for playing the role of Lew Ashby in Californication and most recently as the spree killer on the cult favorite Harper's Island. CKR makes an impact on every show he apperars in, whether as a recurring character, guest star or cameo. Although I did not see his performance on Californication, his perrformance was memorable and the character of Lew became a bit of a legend. In the summer of 2009 he appeared in role of killer John Wakefield, in the limited run series Harper's Island. Callum was immedialtely cast in the role of Wakefield by producers who stated in DVD bonus material that they were honored to add him to the cast of the summer murder/mystery event. Callum's Wakefield immediately impacted the entire series, changing the whole tone of the show and catapulting the actor's cult standing. Callum is slated to appear in the 2010 season of 24 where I have no doubt his precence will similarly affect their cast and Day 8 of the perennial hit.moreless
  • Good to see so much more of this great talent.

    I loved him in "Due South" as the mysteriously manufactured Chicago cop-sidekick to Mountie Benton Fraser. He was funny and gritty at the same time, and despite replacing a favourite actor he did a fabulous job of replicating the "same" character.

    He was barely recognizable in "Tin Man" partly because his bad guy was so bad. He was a bright spot in a sometimes marginal production.

    He again brings his uber bad guy to "24" this year and makes the mistake of engaging Jack Bauer in clandestine activities. To date, that has not been a healthy or long term pursuit for Jack's opponents, but its a paycheque. I'm looking forward to Callum's characterization and how it all ties in to the big picture.

    I am really looking forward to his movie reunion with Paul Gross (aka "Benton Fraser") in the Comedy/Western "Gunless" this April. The previews look great. The premise looks different and entertaining.

    There is no doubt Callum Keith Rennie is a very versatile and underutilized actor indeed. I look forward to more of his creations...moreless