Callum Keith Rennie





9/14/1960 , Sunderland, Tyne-and-Wear, England, UK

Birth Name




Callum Keith Rennie was born on September, 14th, 1960 in Sunderland, UK. He has two brothers, one of them older and one younger. When he was four years old, his whole family emigrated to Canada. They lived in Edmonton, Alberta, where Callum graduated from Strathcona High School. Throughout high school, and for several years after that, he wanted to be a mountaineer and supported his climbing habit by laying railroad tracks, cooking, and digging ditches.

In his twenties, he was working in a restaurant when some of his friends invited him to join a radio show at the University of Alberta campus radio station CJSR. He was immediately hooked and also appeared in several theater productions. Later in his life, he stated that film was his medium, though, because he was intimidated by the live audience and enjoyed the possibility of redo scenes until they work.

He decided to try his luck in Toronto, but he fell in with a bad crowd. He ended up in Vancouver, surviving on scattered low-paying jobs and, at one point, welfare checks.

He enrolled in the Bruhanski Theatre Studio in Vancouver, taking acting classes, but life wasn't easy. Callum went through a decade-long phase of alcoholism, in which drinking was a large and destructive part of his life. In 1993, he was involved in barroom fight and injured the retina in his left eye with a piece of glass. His eye healed, but the glasses he wore in Double Happiness are his own. That incident made him realize that he had to change. He got a champion-tattoo on his right arm and has been sober ever since.

Callum appeared in several movies and tv series in Canada, winning praise from critics and several awards for his intense portrayals. In the US he mainly landed small guest spots until he earned international recognition for his roles in Battlestar Galactica and Californiation. In 2010, he appears in Shattered, marking his first leading role in a tv series.

Callum is 5'10 1/2" tall and weighs approximately 159lbs. He has blonde hair and blue eyes.