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  • great actor!

    to be honest, i've only just seen callum keith rennie in "due south" but i really loved his performance there. he must have had a hard time replacing david marciano as ray vecchio, living up to the high expectations, seasons 1 and 2 provided us with and still do such a great and convincing job. his play and his interaction with paul gross' fraser was in way edgier and rougher but then again very touching at times (like when ray kowalski thought that fraser was going to team up with ray vecchio again). he did a great job showing kowalski's insecurity and vulnerability behind his occasional pomposity (especially in his heartbreaking performance in "ladies' man" which i personally think to be his best in "due south") and it took me very little time to get as fond of him as i had been of his predecessor david marciano.

    it's a pity that none of his other shows are broadcasted in switzerland i really would love to see more of him!