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Originally a construction worker, Calvin has a certificate in Maori Performing Arts from Waikato Polytechnic. He lived and worked overseas for a number of years but when his UK visa expired he had to move home, and he then decided to make acting his career.



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    • Calvin's short film credits include:
      (2013) The Last Night "Arsheef Asoud", Morepork Films Ltd, dir. David Strong
      (2011) Hitch Hike "Maka", Notable Pictures, dir. Matthew Saville
      (2009) The Medal "Jake", Hummingbird Films, dir. James Barr
      (2008) Warbrick "Joe Warbrick", Legacy Films Ltd, dirs. Meihana and Pere Durie
      (2007) Patu Ihu "Pakaru", dir. Summer Agnew
      (2002) Pikowae "Rua", dir. Vanessa Rare

    • Calvin's theatre credits include:
      (2011) The Maori Troilus and Cressida "Ulysses",Globe Theatre Company, Dir. Rachel House
      (2008) Te Karakia "Tohu", dir. David O'Donnell
      (2006) Nga Tangata Toa - The Warrior People "Paikea" Taki Rua Productions, Dir James Beaumont
      This Other Eden "Waikato" The Court Theatre, Dir Elric Hooper
      West "Mike" Ocean Productions, Dir Roger Morton
      Frankie and Hone "Hone" 1981 "Benny"

    • Calvin's last name, Tuteao, is pronounced too-Tay-oh.

    • Calvin was a very popular guest star with Pacific Renaissance. He had major guest roles in three episodes of Xena, "The Giant Killer", "Here She Comes... Miss Amphipolis", and "Who's Gurkhan?". He also had one major role on the Hercules episode "Promises" and one on Cleopatra 2525 episode "Choices".

    • Calvin has been featured in many television and radio commercials, including those for St John's Ambulance Service, banks, apartments, and public health awareness for such illnesses as kidney disease.

    • On Shortland Street, Calvin's character Dr Kahu wed Anne Greenlaw. This was seen as very significant in New Zealand, because Victor is Maori and Anne is paheka (white European), making this the first major bicultural wedding on the show.

    • When Shortland Street had it's fifteenth year celebration they brought back many old favorite cast members, including Calvin, as Dr Victor Kahu. The Shortland Street official website ran a poll to see which man and woman were considered the most attractive during the show's run up to that point, and Calvin was in the running for the men.

    • Calvin's real-life niece Quantrelle King starred on his show Shortland Street at the same time as him, and she played the niece of his chracter Victor Kahu.

    • Calvin made his debut on the stages of Wellington in 2006 in a production of the award winning play Nga Tangata Toa, which is about the return of a Maori hero to New Zealand after fighting in the first World War.

    • Calvin has also starred in a nonbroadcast educational video for Point of View Productions. This 20 minute video was made for NZ high schoolers, and showed a young girl getting caught up in the use of "P", or methamphetamine, which is a growing problem in New Zealand affecting children as well as adults.

    • While playing the bad guy Gurkhan in the Xena episode "Who's Gurkhan?", Calvin had a scene in which his character believes he's going to have sex with both Xena and Gabrielle at the same time. The scene went very well, but director Michael Hurst had to tell Calvin to put more sleaze into his smile, since his normal smile is so boyishly sweet.

    • Of Maori descent, Calvin speaks his native tongue fluently, and has starred in a number of Maori language productions.

    • Calvin likes to joke that Shortland Street should be renamed Kahu Street after his character Vic Kahu, since his character is such an important one on the show. The fact that his character's wedding was the biggest, most greatly hyped event to occur on the show in years backs up his claim a certain extent.

    • When he isn't working, Calvin enjoys cooking, spending time with his friends and family, playing with his children, and taking regular trips back to the Waikato.

    • Calvin was a construction worker before he was given the role of Taka, the gang leader in the breakout movie Once Were Warriors. He has worked on a number of television shows since then, including Shortland Street, Xena and Jackson's Wharf, but he still has his tool belt. Says Calvin, "It might come in handy again."

    • Calvin appeared as the tattoed gang leader Taka in the acclaimed 1994 New Zealand film, Once Were Warriors. Although he only had a minor role in the film (in fact, he was paid a total of $800 for the two days he worked), he found unexpected fame when his heavily tattooed face was featured in the film's promotional posters.

    • Calvin is represented as an actor by the firm Karen Kay Management. He's also listed with the Talking Heads agency as a voice actor.

    • Calvin is 6'0" (183 cm), with black hair and brown eyes.

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