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Cam Brainard

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Cam Buzz Brainard
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  • Why cannot the producers of this program hire a narrator who can speak proper grammatical English? This guy talks like a grade-school drop-out!

    Apparently he never got above a "D" for an English class grade in his entire life, assuming he ever passed. His ignorance of proper grammar is pathetic, and the example he provides to the youth of today is reprehensible. Obviously he never heard of an adverb, evidenced by constant use of adjectives to modify verbs, nor the correct forms of common verbs, exhibited by the complete absence of the contraction "doesn't", the frequent use of "ain't", and frequently fractured sentence structures. One must wonder what favors he provided the producers to get this job, as proper use of the language obviously is not a prerequisite for hiring. Evidently the casting couch exists in the television industry as it does in Hollywood. Perhaps one of the sponsors could provide a scholarship to send him back to 6th Grade English class. This program and network should not be contributing to the "dumbing-down" of America's youth.moreless