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Cameron Bancroft

Cameron Bancroft


5/17/1967, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Cam Bancroft
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Cameron was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in 1967, but raised primarily on the west coast. His father, Glen, was an attorney by trade, and his mother, Wendy, a former nurse, who also gave him an older sister and a younger brother. His passion was hockey, and he was…more


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  • Great actor and GREAT looking !!

    Cam as "Charles Ingalls" would make anyone drool. His shining eyes and great ability to be "Pa" just pours thru the screen. If it wasn't a stuntman, and I think not, when he fell with the horse, His ability to ride and control the animal must be great. Also, a fantastic view when he came out of the river wet !! It is very interesting, to me, when the leading man is better looking than the leading lady. He is much better looking than, much beloved Michael Landon. Beg pardon, if anyone might be offended by the last remark. Only my opinion.....

    A feast for the eyes !!!moreless