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  • Additions to Classification: Friend, Childhood Favorite, Handsome, and Give Him a Show!!!

    I know Cameron from Midland, MI. We went to curch together, he was active in the youth group and I also worked with him for a summer. He lights up a room just by walking into it. He always stole the show in the high school plays that I saw. I am so happy for Camerons success so far in his carreer and wish him much more success in the future as he deserves it! Keep watch, people, for Cameron is just starting! He's going to be huge in this industry and I'm lucky enough to know him and be able to wish him luck. Everyone needs to have a Cameron Bender in their life. I'm lucky to have been blessed to have the real Cameron in my life growing up. Good luck Cameron! I wish you nothing but happiness and success for the future!!!