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    • Cameron appears opposite Adam Sandler as "Kevin O'Doyle" in the feature film CLICK. Kevin O'Doyle is Michael Newman's (Adam Sandler's) annoying next-door neighbor.

    • Booked a starring role in a Nickelodeon short that will run on Nickelodeon called "The Adventures of Tango McNorton: Licensed Hero". Cameron's role is the superhero "Tango McNorton".

    • Booked a plum role in Adam Sandler's new film called "CLICK". Cameron's role is "Kevin O'Doyle" who is the cocky and annoying next-door neighbor to Michael Newman (Adam Sandler). Cameron's memorable & funny scenes will be directly with Adam Sandler.

    • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide -Has shot another episode for Season 3 called "Art Class & Lost and Found".

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