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  • Great housemate, awesome radio host, perfect all round.

    Camilla Severi, also known as Camilla Halliwell, first appeared on reality television show Big Brother in April 2006.
    She was constantly nominated by her housemates, but public affection because of her positive affection and attitude saw her right to the end of the show.
    Shortly before leaving, the housemates had to perform several tasks, one of which being the "Leap Of Faith". Camilla was rather traumatised, but went to the top, and done her very best for her fellow housemates.
    This is an example of the true dedication she had to not only Big Brother, but also to her housemates.
    Unfortunately, she was beaten in the grand final show by fellow housemate Jamie.
    She was exceedingly happy for Jamie, who had been one of her closest friends in the house for the entire 100 days.
    After a few months of enjoying life back out in the real world, and doing what she loved, she became a radio host at Brisbane's B105FM radio station.
    This is where she currently is, and with any luck, will be, for quite some time in the future.
    Camilla : Awesome housemate, awesome radio host. Awesome indeed.