Camille Guaty

Camille Guaty


6/28/1978, California, USA

Birth Name

Camille Guaty



Also Known As

Camile Guaty
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Camille Guaty is an American actress (born June 28, 1978, in California) of Hispanic descent.

Camille audition for Popstars, a reality TV show that aired in the WB Network in 2000. Camille made it all the way to the L.A. Workshop were only the best 26 did.…more


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    Guaty was born in California of Hispanic descent. Her family is originally from the Canary Islands and she has lived in California and New York City. Camille auditioned for Popstars, a reality TV show that aired on the WB Network in 2000. She made it to the L.A. Workshop that included only the best 26 contestants. In the end, Camille was 1 of 10 semi-finalists.

    In 2002, Guaty appeared in the movie Gotta Kick It Up!, a Disney Channel Original movie. She also had the lead role in the short-lived TV series The Help, with Mindy Cohn, Tori Spelling, and Antonio Sabato Jr.

    In 2005, Guaty had a role as Maricruz Delgado, the girlfriend of Fernando Sucre in Prison Break. Most recently, she is featured as Franny Rios in ABC's The Nine.moreless
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    She is a very talented actress. I really enjoy watching her in Prison Break as Maricruz, though her role was not very further explored, still I really like her style and I really know that she has a brighter future to come. I also enjoy watching her in "The Nine", a very good show, she is a very good actress.