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    • Camryn: My parents are so proud, and while they are not really willing to take responsibility for some of the things they said in the past, they do, in their silence, make some apology for it. I think they choose not to really confront the issue of me growing up fat, and how they, in their attempts to protect me from other people, actually caused me a whole other set of sorrows. They were afraid that I would suffer a lot because the world hates fat people. Our culture, to be more specific, really hates fat people. Or were they just embarrassed that I wasn't the perfect child? Well, they're certainly not embarrassed anymore. They get so much pride and enjoyment out of my success, which I am happy to share with them. Despite what they did or didn't do regarding my body image, to me, it's all outweighed by what they did do, which was to give me unconditional love and support for my passion for the arts.