Candace Bushnell

Candace Bushnell


12/1/1958, Glastonbury, Connecticut (USA)

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Candace Bushnell


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Candace Bushnell has been empowering single woman all over since 1994, the debut of her column in the New York Observer entitled Sex and the City. In 1997, Candace published a compilation of the columns in a book entitled Sex and the City. And in 1998, a show…more


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    • Candace: (on actress Tatum O'Neal and her drug bust) She's a lovely person. I hope she's fine. She's a great girl.

    • Candace: (on her husband) I told him he was too tall to be a ballet dancer and I asked if he was gay At first he seemed too young, but then I looked into his eyes and it was like, 'Whoa!'.

    • Candace: (on getting married) One has to be open-minded when the right man comes along. And I know it's freaky, but this just seems like the natural thing to do. My friends didn't even say to me, 'So soon?' I think that's because they're so relieved.

  • This Sex in the City author loves to whine and complain.

    For those of us who are fans of the hit CBS reality show, Wickedly Perfect, and let's face it, who isn't, we all remember Candace Bushnell as the judge who hated almost everything. As "Sex and the City author," Candace seemed to treat herself as an expert on everything, from antiques to food.

    She never really brought anything good to the table, and just lived to put other people down. She thought that Kimberly's sphere topiary had some artistic value, and wasn't the total piece of crap that all of America knew it to be. All in all, she was one of the reasons this show failed to be the breakout hit it deserved to be.moreless