Candace Cameron

Candace Cameron


4/6/1976, Panorama City, California

Birth Name

Candace Helaine Cameron



Also Known As

Candace Cameron Bure, Candace Bure
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Candace Helaine Cameron was born on April 6, 1976 to Barbara and Robert Cameron. She has two sisters, Bridgette and Melissa, and a brother, Kirk, who starred on Growing Pains. Candace is well known for her role as D.J. Tanner on Full House. Today, Candace is married to…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • While filming Full House, Candace actually had a teacher who asked for her autograph in front of the whole class. This was just one of many instances where superstar Candace ran into trouble with jealous schoolmates. They used to do things like push her and pull her hair, and they were "really cruel," according to Candace.

    • In 2007, 12 years after Full House ended, a reunion special was still nowhere in sight, but Candace stated in an interview that she would do it "in a heartbeat" if it ever came up. "I had such a great time," Candace said about the experience of filming the show.

    • In 1994, Candace won a Kid's Choice Award for Favorite Television Actress for her role as D.J. Tanner on Full House.

    • Candace's height is 5' 2" (1.57 m).

    • In 1996, a year after Full House ended, Candace did what several young actors with squeaky-clean images have done: she shed her goody-goody "DJ" exterior by starring in the dark made-for-TV film No One Would Tell. Candace played a battered teenager in a life-threatening relationship, and lovable Wonder Years icon Fred Savage played the villain.

    • Around the fifth or sixth season of Full House, when Candace started entering her teen years, she was a far cry from being fat, but her slightly chubby frame was a cause of concern for many people. Because Growing Pains star Tracey Gold was recovering from anorexia at the time, everyone feared that Candace may be headed in the opposite direction, so her parents hired her a personal trainer. Candace has acknowledged that weight was never something she gave any thought to when she was that age, but she respects her parents' decision and says that it all turned out fine.

    • While starring in a movie of the week on NBC, Candace appeared in one The More You Know public service announcement. Her topic was campus date rape.

    • Candace's children, Natasha, Lev, and Maksim Bure, all have their father's first name Valeri in their middle names.

    • Candace starred alongside another child star, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, in She Cried No.

    • After their marriage, Valeri Bure sent Dave Coulier an autographed hockey stick that said: "Dear Dave, thank you for Candace."

    • Candace lives in Florida during the NHL season and Los Angeles during the summer.

    • Candace's family actually wasn't very religious until she turned twelve.

    • Candace has worked with The Children's Hunger Fund and The Make A Wish Foundation.

    • Candace can speak and understand some Russian.

    • Candace went on a missionary trip to Ghana, Africa.

    • Candace currently speaks at various churches and other outreach events sharing her testimony and Christian faith.

    • Candace's latest project was the Christian movie The Wager, which was released in Feburary 2006.

    • Candace has a monthly article published on Christian Women Online.

    • Candace was born just two weeks after Best Actress Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon, twelve days before Melissa Joan Hart, and thirteen days after Keri Russell, all within the same year.

    • Candace's first acting job was a commercial for Mutual of Omaha Insurance but it never aired.

    • Full House cast mate Dave Coulier introduced Candace to her husband, Valeri Bure, when she was 17.
      Dave: And when Val was standing in front of Candace all the blood left his face. It was like he had met the most beautiful woman on earth.

    • Candace's mother worked as her agent, and founded her own talent agency later.

    • There is no book series for Candace's character D.J. in Full House as there is for both Stephanie and Michelle.

    • Candace has stated that she will not accept further roles in film or television that would make her go against her Christian principles, and that she will not do scenes involving any kind of nudity.

    • Candace's brother has a charity, Camp Firefly, for which she has worked.

    • Candace's charitable work includes significant relationships of giving with the Starlight Foundation and Make-A-Wish, serving as "Kid's Club" President and International Youth Ambassador.

    • Candace hosted E! Entertainment's 50 Cutest Child Stars along with Keshia Knight Pulliam from the Cosby Show in 2005. Candace was #25 on the list.

    • Candace was ranked #100 on VH1's 100 Greatest Kid Stars.

    • Candace was a producer for the movie, The Uncertainty Principle, an executive producer for The Krew, and a co-producer for NightScream.

    • Candace had an uncredited role in the 1992 television movie, To Grandmother's House We Go, which starred 5-year-olds Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Candace appeared for a few seconds during the "Win and Spin" scene. In addition to the Olsen twins, also appearing in the movie were Candace's Full House castmates Bob Saget, Lori Loughlin, and Andrea Barber.

    • Candace starred in the made for TV movie, NightScream in 1997.

    • Candace played Chief Karls in the 2001 movie, The Krew.

    • Candace's husband's last name is pronounced "Boo-Ray."

    • Candace's family is of Swiss descent.

    • Candace auditioned for the role of Vicki the Robot in Small Wonder (1985).

    • Candace used to be neighbors with Adam Rich, of Eight Is Enough (1977) fame.

    • Candace is a fan of the Cleveland Browns football team.

    • Candace appeared in Selena as a fan, but wasn't credited.

    • Candace has the same birthday as Zach Braff.

    • Candace's son, Lev, has cholesteatoma, or extra drainage in the ear. Usually, a doctor will insert a tube to remove the drainage and fix the problem.

    • Candace has been a Christian since the age of 12, and is very faithful to it.

    • Candace was the matron of honor at her Full House co-star Jodie Sweetin's wedding and her daughter Natasha was the flower girl.

    • Candace attended Chatsworth High School in Chatworth, California with Lori Beth Denberg and Lindsay Sloane.

    • Candace is the sister-in-law of NHL superstar Pavel Bure and actress Chelsea Noble.

    • Candace spent some time in the summer of 1992 in Madrid, Spain learning Spanish, while living with a family.

    • Only two of Candace's siblings, Kirk and Bridgette, appeared on Full House. Her sister Melissa never guest starred on the show.

    • Candace's nickname is Candy.

    • Candace has been married to hockey player Valeri Bure since June 1996. Their daughter (Natasha Valerievna) was born in August 19, 1998, their son (Lev Valerievich) was born in February 2000, and the two had another son (Maksim Valerievich) on January 20, 2002.

  • Quotes

    • Candace: I love the time I have with my children, and I think that's so important. I'm not ready to give that up to have a full-time acting job. I make my manager turn down every reality show offered to me! I'm not interested in making a comeback just because of who I was...but if Dancing With the Stars ever comes knocking, I would definitely consider it!

    • Candace: (on why she won't flaunt her thinner frame by being photographed in a bikini) Modesty is very important to me. It can be more alluring in the long run to leave something to the imagination. Also, I want to keep some things special for my husband and not have everyone else looking. I've never felt comfortable showing my stomach.

    • Candace: (about fame) Obviously, it's difficult, and it takes a toll. That's why I think it's important to have things to focus on other than a career and celebrity status. That stuff is not real. My children, my husband, and my relationship with God are more important than climbing the ladder of success.

    • Candace: (about her TV sisters, the Olsen twins) I don't think anyone realized that they would become these huge fashionistas. I'll be trying on an Elizabeth & Taylor top, and I'll be like, "Wow, Mary-Kate or Ashley designed this!" I do think Ashley has more style.

    • Candace: (about her weight as a kid) It wasn't ever on my mind, but to this day, people come up to me and say, "Weren't you the chubby one on Full House? I was 132 pounds at age 15, which isn't a lot, but when you're 5"2, it shows. One time at the market, someone said to me, "You used to be fat. Look at you now!"

    • Candace: The cool thing about my profession is that I can do it until the day I die.

    • Candace: Once you find love, you find it. There isn't an age on love.

    • Candace: Once I got my driver's license everybody treated me like I was an adult.

    • Candace: I figure this is my time - to relax, be with my family and have a normal life.

    • Candace: (about working with John Stamos) He was like this heartthrob and we all knew that, but I was kinda too young till I´d like him like a heartthrob, so he was just like the totally cute guy that was really nice and just doing his thing.

  • candace cameron bure

    This girl is so self absorbed. She acts and talks like she is morally superior to everyone. She takes full credit as the 'fuller house STAR.. IT IS HER SHOW NOT AN ENSEMBLE CAST. oh my - get her off the View -- she adds nothing!

    Sorry fans, Candace was NOT on Selena, it was me! I've been compared to looking like her all of my life!