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  • candace cameron bure

    This girl is so self absorbed. She acts and talks like she is morally superior to everyone. She takes full credit as the 'fuller house STAR.. IT IS HER SHOW NOT AN ENSEMBLE CAST. oh my - get her off the View -- she adds nothing!

    Sorry fans, Candace was NOT on Selena, it was me! I've been compared to looking like her all of my life!
  • clever female

    gorgeous girl on the world
  • Great actress

    She was awesome in Full House. I liked Stephanie better, but DJ Tanner was great. She always seemed to get into trouble, and was kinda headstrong. I really think that she should be in more TV shows and films. She is married to hockey star Valeri Bure, and they have three kids. She is also a very good person, and has great faith. She is also nice and doesnt do any bad things, like many stars. I really liked her on Full House, but I haven't seen any other shows that she has been in. She might be devoted to living a regular life, I don't know for sure.
  • My favorite character on full house.

    Since i'm the oldest i know what its like to have younger sisters. Really one sister and i love her dearly but she gets on my last nerves way to much. I know thats part of her job perscrition but she takes the job way to seriously. So me and and Cameraon character had a lot in common. Although i don't watch the show as much as i used to i still love the show. I seen her as a host on a couple of shows and guest starred on the disney channel hit that so raven as a teacher.
  • Candace is Great!

    Candace Cameron was born in 1976. She is commonly known as DJ Tanner on Full House. I thought her character on that show was corny, but she was a great actress. Her best friend in the show was Kimmy Gibbler, played by Andrea Barber. Candace was sorta funny in that show. I did laugh a little, but her character wasn't the funniest. Candace has also guest starred in an episode of That's So Raven called Teacher's Pet. She was very funny in that episode!! Ha ha ha! She cracked me up! So overall, a really good actress and she is awesome!!
  • She is really beautiful and talented.

    Oh my god, I love Candace Cameron! I'm 15, and most 15 year olds think Full House is really corny, but I love Full house. Back then, she was gorgeous and a great actress, and she still is now. She looks really good without any makeup on, unlike some other actresses. She wasn't and still isn't like average actresses, she didn't have the perfect body when she was younger, but she still had confidence in herself. I wish she appeared in more T.V. shows and movies today. I wish they had at least 1 or 2 more seasons on Full House, but DJ was going to graduate high school, so she wouldn't really have any storylines or anything. Candace Cameron is a beautiful and talented actress.
  • Candance is so pretty! Awesome child star.

    Why not bring Candance back? She was awesome in Full House. The latest program I saw her in was THS. She should have her own show. Like they should make a show with the whole Full House cast grown up. Hmm. It will be called The Return of Full House. RAWR, Haha. I just loved her in Full House she was my fifth favorite! : ) She was awesome! Im just typing till I get to one hundred words cause I dont know what else to right about her. Full House made a good choice choosing Candace as DJ Tanner!
  • A perfect Child star

    Candace Cameron has lived a perfect child star life. Most people know her for her role as DJ in Full House. We watched her grow up, and all the issues that come about with a female teenager. She has now gotten married and had three beautiful children. She has manage to not let her early stardom get in the way of her furture. And you can still find her hosting some shows on TV today!