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  • She has sooo much talent!

    She is just sooo great! she is up there with Grey delisle and Tara strong as the talented and charismatic voice actress in the cartoon industry.She doesnt just do any voices,but she is soo versatile! she is Tom kenny's and Mel Blanc's female equivalent when it comes to voices.Doing cheese from Foster's home for imaginary friends to Madame foster,to all sorts of character boys and girls! any ages.She is much more than talented,when i heard cheese's voice i thought is that a girl or a guy doing the voice? she can do any voice! maybe even a guy's if its deep enough.This women doesnt just do little high-pitched girl voices in cute skirts or sweaters.She does soo much MORE, check her out! she deserves to be known for her work,and Jenny's mom from My life as a teenage robot,...thats just bizzare.She doesnt look like the type to do that kind of voice,but she does it all! I mean when you hear her character's voices they dont sound the same,and they actually have the character's spice to it.She makes the voices not sound like her own voice,or the other character's voices she voices.She makes it sound original and with an awesome mix to add to their personalitys
  • Candi Milo is talented, what else is there about her? She's just good!

    Candi Milo is an alright voice acotr that I personally feel that she is really talented. She can do different voices from Nick "Jimmy Neutron" to somewhat weird voices such as Mom/Teacher "Cow and chicken". Her other voice acting appearances sound similar to each other.

    I do not see anything wrong with her but there is something wrong with some of the roles she gets. I, like The_Huntsman think she fits to be voicing The Flea "Mucha Lucha" but maybe not for some other character like Melba in "Pet Alien" because it just doesn't fit her as I think someone else should deserve that role like Rachael McFarlane. No offence to you fans of Candi Milo!
  • From Sweetie Pie to Coco, and from Dexter to the Flea, Ms. Milo is a versatile, talented act.

    Candi Milo's beginning as a voice-over artist was meant to be. Her interest sparked from the movie, "Cool World." Milo's debut on animated television was from "Tiny Toon Adventures" as Sweetie Pie. That was the first voice that I can recall Milo performing. However, it wasn't until Cartoon Network's "Dexter's Laboratory" that I knew the name, Candi Milo. She took over for retired VA, Christine Cavanaugh, who provided Dexter's voice for the first 2 1/2 seasons of the series. Milo did a great job filling in for Cavanaugh.

    One of Candi's most well-known roles was the voice of The Flea from "�­¡Mucha Lucha!". I did not care for the show, but The Flea's voice was certainly the favorite from the show. Another well-known role from Milo was from "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" -- her major roles as both Coco and Madame Foster. Even though the role of Coco consisted of dialogue of the name "Coco", I gotta say that she did a magnificent job, and her role has made it one of my favorites from Milo. She also did great as Madame F. Another role from the same series -- a minor one, but one that many fans really enjoyed, was the voice of Cheese. She definitely rocked there.

    She can also be heard on "The Life & Times of Juniper Lee", "Codename: Kids Next Door", "Loonatics: Unleashed", and many others. Milo is a terrific actress, and I believe that she doesn't get enough praise for her works. I managed to send her an email back in July 2005 for her works, and she responded -- definitely a great individual.
  • Candi Milo is original. Her voices are...

    unique. Every one of them sounds different. Not only are the voices different the characters she plays are different. Take Snap a chalk dude and Co-Co an imaginary friend and Nora Wakeman a scientist they are all very different characters voiced by the same person. Candi Milo also does voices on The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. She's Maya Santos on Maya and Miguel. If you watch the Adventures of Jimmy Neuutron: Boy Genius you will get to her voice Nick Dean. You can also her voice on the show witch while she voices Irma. She is a talented voice actress doing both the voices of a girl and a boy.
  • Candi Milo is the best voice actress in my opinion!

    I like Candi Milo a lot! I personally admire her. I think she's pretty cool and so are Tara Strong and Grey Delisle. I love her voice-overs. I also like that she always uses different voices and hardly ever sounds the same like Tara Strong. I like that when she's doing a voice she doesn't try to make it sound too familiar. I first heard her as Maya from Maya and Miguel and then later on when I heard her as Irma on W.I.T.C.H. I was thinking that Irma's voice sounds like Maya and I was like "No way, it can't be the same person. Then I looked her up and realized I was right and I also read she was the voice of Numbuh Two's Grandma from Codename Kids Next Door. That was how I tried to recognize her voice. Then I heard her as Nick Dean and she didn't sound anything like Maya or Lydia. It sounded completely different. There was also Snap from ChalkZone. Snap was very cool! When I heard his voice I thought it sounded nothing like Candi Milo. But whenever I hear Irma's voice she at some times sounds like Snap. I think of her as a cool person. I do know how old she is because they said so on VoiceChasers but they could be lying but if they're not lying then no wonder she keeps her age in the dark. I love the voice she provides for Nora on My Life as a Teenage Robot and Jantrice a snooty girl and I also love Ophelia from The Life and Times of Juniper Lee and think of her as pretty cool. I love cartoon characters that are goth.
  • She is a very talented voice actress. she is one if my favorite voice actors! :)

    she is a very talented voice actress. she is the best!! i think she is one of the best ever! wow!!! i think she is better than all of her co-stars by far! i know, to you she's just a co-star herself, but i think she is the star of all her shows! again, wow!!! hmm... how should i put this...she is my favorite voice actress ever!!! i think w.i.t.c.h. is her best show. not many people appreciate her work, but i sure do!
  • Ummm good.

    Candi milo did lots of shows but the only thing is that I dont like any of the shows she did. Mucha Lucha was not as good as most shows ive seen and also Chalkzone. I gave her a good score because of her increible voice. I love the voice of The Flea from Mucha Lucha and Snap from Chalkzone. I will just say Candi milo is one of my favorite female voice actors. My other favorite female voice actors are Tress macneille and Tara strong. Her voice sounds like a boy and I like it. I wish her the best of luck on any shows she is doing.
  • she reminds me of Tara Strong

    wow. she does many voices. and honestly, no matter how hard i try to recognise it, i just can't. She is amazingly amazing. her voice acting is really cool. i mean she actually does male voices like Tara Strong and there is no way you can recognise it. i was kinda surprise when i saw she did Nick Dean in Jimmy Neutron. wow. tried hard to match it with Dexter's voice. could not match it.
    i think she is so Tara Strong. but i think Tara Strong is still better than her. Still she is one of the best voice actress ive ever seen/heard.
    never seen her act though..
  • Candi Milo can do many good voices.

    Candi Milo is a great voice actress! She, unlike other voice actresses, has a great larnyx, that can produce many different voices for her characters. In fact, she plays some of the best cartoon charaters I've ever heard on television, such as Dexter (later episodes) from Dexter's Laboratory and Coco and Madame Foster from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. I've even heard her sing with her extrodinary voice at her website. Anyways, I hope she will continue to entertain cartoon viewers all over America with her great vocal talents for years to come.
  • Candi Milo Does Yzma

    After Eartha Kitt died on Christmas Day 2008, and for Yzma has New Voice in 2011 for a New for the Magic Kingdom in Orlando FL