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  • Candi Milo is the best voice actress in my opinion!

    I like Candi Milo a lot! I personally admire her. I think she's pretty cool and so are Tara Strong and Grey Delisle. I love her voice-overs. I also like that she always uses different voices and hardly ever sounds the same like Tara Strong. I like that when she's doing a voice she doesn't try to make it sound too familiar. I first heard her as Maya from Maya and Miguel and then later on when I heard her as Irma on W.I.T.C.H. I was thinking that Irma's voice sounds like Maya and I was like "No way, it can't be the same person. Then I looked her up and realized I was right and I also read she was the voice of Numbuh Two's Grandma from Codename Kids Next Door. That was how I tried to recognize her voice. Then I heard her as Nick Dean and she didn't sound anything like Maya or Lydia. It sounded completely different. There was also Snap from ChalkZone. Snap was very cool! When I heard his voice I thought it sounded nothing like Candi Milo. But whenever I hear Irma's voice she at some times sounds like Snap. I think of her as a cool person. I do know how old she is because they said so on VoiceChasers but they could be lying but if they're not lying then no wonder she keeps her age in the dark. I love the voice she provides for Nora on My Life as a Teenage Robot and Jantrice a snooty girl and I also love Ophelia from The Life and Times of Juniper Lee and think of her as pretty cool. I love cartoon characters that are goth.