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  • She has sooo much talent!

    She is just sooo great! she is up there with Grey delisle and Tara strong as the talented and charismatic voice actress in the cartoon industry.She doesnt just do any voices,but she is soo versatile! she is Tom kenny's and Mel Blanc's female equivalent when it comes to voices.Doing cheese from Foster's home for imaginary friends to Madame foster,to all sorts of character boys and girls! any ages.She is much more than talented,when i heard cheese's voice i thought is that a girl or a guy doing the voice? she can do any voice! maybe even a guy's if its deep enough.This women doesnt just do little high-pitched girl voices in cute skirts or sweaters.She does soo much MORE, check her out! she deserves to be known for her work,and Jenny's mom from My life as a teenage robot,...thats just bizzare.She doesnt look like the type to do that kind of voice,but she does it all! I mean when you hear her character's voices they dont sound the same,and they actually have the character's spice to it.She makes the voices not sound like her own voice,or the other character's voices she voices.She makes it sound original and with an awesome mix to add to their personalitys