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    • Candice: (On her career highlights) I could not be more grateful for the opportunities I've come across in my career thus far so it's hard to choose just one. Top Three would be: telling my parents I got a record deal, running out on stage and being hit with the scream of 18,000 people every night on the Miley Cyrus tour, and of course, hearing the news that The Vampire Diaries was being picked up for a second season.

    • Candice: (On balancing her life) I do my best to look at the bigger picture and not sweat the small stuff. I make it a point to have alone time. I value that some of life's best moments happen over a meal with your family or a glass of wine with your friends. And when life seems like a lot to bear, I dance around like a kid until I laugh.

    • Candice: (Advice for young actors) Know what you want. Don't compare your accomplishments or failures to your competition and know that careers are built differently for everyone.

    • Candice: When I was 8 or 9 years old, I came home and told my mom that I was starting a girl group and that we were going to be the next Spice Girls.

    • Candice: (On working out on the set of Vampire Diaries) That's what's so funny. [Laughs] All first season we complained, "Here we are in the South with all this yummy food," and everyone put on what I like to call a little Southern Comfort, including myself. We were like, "That would be awesome if they built us a gym." So they built us a gym, and I don't think anyone's even stepped foot in it. Everyone's really conscious of it outside of work. All the boys take their kickboxing classes, the girls do yoga. I can't believe I pay someone to make me want to cry and vomit about three times a week just to feel good on the inside. [Laughs] Most importantly, with all this stunt work that everyone's doing now, you just want to be prepared and feel strong within your body and within yourself that you're gonna physically be able to do what they've presented to you. But yeah, no one's stepped foot in that gym. Once you get to work, they get you all dolled up in hair and makeup, and then you sit around for X amount of hours, but you can't just mess up all the hair and makeup department's work, because then it takes all that time to rest. So the gym kinda sits there taunting us.

    • Candice: (On her hair) Red Heads have more fun but I always felt like I was wearing a wig. I feel most like myself as a blonde.

    • Candice: Most of my free time is spent furnishing my new apartment in Georgia; especially searching for albums to feed my new found record collecting addiction. I can't seem to get enough LPs! I've also been singing with an 80's cover band that our crew guys put together for the wrap party and hope we keep it up for season two!

    • Candice: (On who her role models are) My parents. Their tenacity at life, love, and work constantly inspires me.

    • Candice: (On wearing fangs on The Vampire Diaries) They're not actually. The first pair that I tried on were kind of more like a retainer, so they had a bar around them. I started off as a vampire with a lisp. They changed them the next day before I started shooting. They're just like two caps for my teeth on either side. I can talk normal. I can sip water if I need to. They're not bad at all, actually. I was pretty impressed with the special-effects people for doing that. I think that with every television show, as the seasons go on, all the kinks are worked out. So part of what our production did was work out the kinks of vamping out. There are no more contacts this year. A lot of the things in special effects are done in post [production]. There's not as much time in the makeup chair as you would think. It's really all of our editors that make that kind of magic for us happen.

    • Candice: (On playing a vampire) I'm figuring it out as I go. Just trying to work hard while following my own instincts and humanizing the experience as much as I can. For example, I just moved to Atlanta – new city, new job and I'm 23 so a lot of experiences in my life are new. I'm going through my own personal transformation right now too. Obviously that doesn't result in me going out and killing people [laughs] but it does make me feel vulnerable and confused. So when those opportunities come up in the script, I try to humanize them as much as I can.

    • Candice: Sometimes with music, when I'm writing, I say things that are not exactly what I'm trying to say, but it just conveys the emotion that I need to get out. It's all just a way of expression. I'm still trying to figure out the difference between them both. I feel fulfilled in my soul, when I'm singing and when I'm acting, but it's in a very different way. Singing is you. You're putting your own words and your guts on the page.

    • Candice: (If music has taken a backseat to acting) It's definitely taken a backseat recently. I had not even done multiple episodes or an arc on a television show, so going from doing three guest spots to a series, I was like, "I should probably sit tight and really pay attention, and really put my 100% focus on this." But, my manager and agent got me a record player for my housewarming, and we're doing a cover band for the wrap party, which I'm singing with. I'm definitely feeling the itch to get back into the studio, so that's actually what I'm planning on doing during my hiatus, pending what were to happen with films.

    • Candice: (On being recognized) What's funny is that I only get stopped by adults. I very rarely get stopped at a grocery store or anything, but the few times that it's happened, it's been adults. It's a very interesting thing, but I think it just goes back to the writers. They're the core of this whole production. They're just locked away in those writers' rooms in L.A. I think they're turning into vampires because I don't think they sleep or eat real food anymore. I think that they just write. But, it's turning out beautifully and they're kicking ass.

    • Candice: Anytime you do a new scene with a new actor, you're going to learn a little bit of something. It's been fun that people come to work on set that we already knew in Los Angeles. As big as the city is and as many actors as there are in L.A., it starts to form its own little circle and community. It's been fun to have people come work on the show that we already knew, from back in L.A. It's always exciting to have new people here, and welcome them into the family, show them a good time and hope that they enjoy their time on set and that they have some good Southern food.

    • Candice: (On the hardest part of working on The Vampire Diaries) I could come up with things that are difficult, but they're really not even very difficult in the spectrum of things. We've been fortunate that Atlanta has been very welcoming to us. It's a great city. It's been a blast. To be relocated to a new city, this is definitely not too shabby of a choice. And, just coming to work, the crew and cast is great. Yeah, we have a lot of night shoots and it's very long hours. The crew works very, very hard. With such a big cast, we're fortunate enough to get days off. There's really not much that I could have any room to complain about. It's actually been really great.

    • Candice: To be honest, growing up, I never had the hots for vampires. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie was as far as I got into vampires. But, recently, with the phenomenon of True Blood, I was definitely hooked and I'm looking forward to Season 3 of that show. I didn't necessarily get into Twilight, but I think it's such an interesting pop culture phenomenon. It's interesting that vampires are "it" right now, and I'm really excited to be a part of it. But, more importantly than being a part of the phenomenon, I think the show has just really come together and done well to stand on its own. The writers have done such an excellent job with making it not just be another vampire show. There is a lot more going on.

    • Candice: I wouldn't say that I necessarily had the acting bug. I think it would be more accurate to say I had the performing bug. I grew up performing. I started off as a singer. I was eight years old when I went home and told my mom that I was having auditions to form my own girl group, and that was that. I took singing lessons and did a play or two at school. It just all progressed and led me to Los Angeles, which led me to a record deal and doing a record.

      While doing that, I was introduced to a manager and agent and started auditioning. And then, I realized how much, not only do I love the art form of acting itself, but more importantly, I love the business. It's exciting to me. I just really love the film and television business, so I was hooked. The more I auditioned, I slowly started to work more. And then, I had the most incredible opportunity to audition for a show, called The Vampire Diaries, and here I am in Atlanta, where it's been exactly a year since we started the pilot. We're all feeling very nostalgic this week.

    • Candice: (on being part of "Juno") I was just excited to work with Ellen Page, Michael Cera, and Jason Reitman. I love Thank You for Smoking. And so... And I heard the buzz on Diablo Cody and now I just can't get enough of her.

    • Candice: (on being drawn to doing "Deadgirl") There were parts that physically made me sick to my stomach. So if, you know, blood doesn't really creep me out. So if there can be anything that evokes that kind of emotion, that's a good sign.

    • Candice: A little birdy tells me that some little bo peeps are confused by the singer Candice and the actress Candice Accola. Are they the same people? I can see how the half name might throw some people off a bit... but here is the breaking news story... Yes. They are both the same person and they are both me. I like to keep my music and my films separate.

    • Candice: (in a 2008 interview) What I want for Christmas is to be a Japanese pop star. [Laughs] Santa can't exactly put that under the tree, but I'm hoping that some magic will happen overseas.

    • Candice: (on what drew her do the film "Deadgirl") I think that's what drew me to it, that it wasn't your run-of-the-mill horror/suspense film. You know - six kids go on a camping trip, what's going to happen next? It was very unique, and there were parts that physically made me sick to my stomach. Blood doesn't really creep me out, so if there can be anything that evokes that kind of emotion, that's a good sign.

    • Candice: The best advice my dad ever gave me is, 'No does not mean never. It just means not yet.' So not every audition, you're gonna get but as long as you know it wasn't meant for you then you'll get the next one.

    • Candice: (on how she began acting) I started in music. Just being creative and taking classes.