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    • Candice: I wouldn't say that I necessarily had the acting bug. I think it would be more accurate to say I had the performing bug. I grew up performing. I started off as a singer. I was eight years old when I went home and told my mom that I was having auditions to form my own girl group, and that was that. I took singing lessons and did a play or two at school. It just all progressed and led me to Los Angeles, which led me to a record deal and doing a record.

      While doing that, I was introduced to a manager and agent and started auditioning. And then, I realized how much, not only do I love the art form of acting itself, but more importantly, I love the business. It's exciting to me. I just really love the film and television business, so I was hooked. The more I auditioned, I slowly started to work more. And then, I had the most incredible opportunity to audition for a show, called The Vampire Diaries, and here I am in Atlanta, where it's been exactly a year since we started the pilot. We're all feeling very nostalgic this week.