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    • Candice: (On wearing fangs on The Vampire Diaries) They're not actually. The first pair that I tried on were kind of more like a retainer, so they had a bar around them. I started off as a vampire with a lisp. They changed them the next day before I started shooting. They're just like two caps for my teeth on either side. I can talk normal. I can sip water if I need to. They're not bad at all, actually. I was pretty impressed with the special-effects people for doing that. I think that with every television show, as the seasons go on, all the kinks are worked out. So part of what our production did was work out the kinks of vamping out. There are no more contacts this year. A lot of the things in special effects are done in post [production]. There's not as much time in the makeup chair as you would think. It's really all of our editors that make that kind of magic for us happen.