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    • Candice: (On working out on the set of Vampire Diaries) That's what's so funny. [Laughs] All first season we complained, "Here we are in the South with all this yummy food," and everyone put on what I like to call a little Southern Comfort, including myself. We were like, "That would be awesome if they built us a gym." So they built us a gym, and I don't think anyone's even stepped foot in it. Everyone's really conscious of it outside of work. All the boys take their kickboxing classes, the girls do yoga. I can't believe I pay someone to make me want to cry and vomit about three times a week just to feel good on the inside. [Laughs] Most importantly, with all this stunt work that everyone's doing now, you just want to be prepared and feel strong within your body and within yourself that you're gonna physically be able to do what they've presented to you. But yeah, no one's stepped foot in that gym. Once you get to work, they get you all dolled up in hair and makeup, and then you sit around for X amount of hours, but you can't just mess up all the hair and makeup department's work, because then it takes all that time to rest. So the gym kinda sits there taunting us.