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  • Hi candice, i am Tony Fort, the little kid u rescued when i was eleven. I am 23 now and i think of you all the time, i would really like to talk to you and tell you what i couldnt so many years ago. people who dont know me, i am in the prologue, joshua*TY

    well, i would like the world to know what a wonderful person candice really is. She saved my life when i was eleven and put me in her book in the prologe, i cant spell very good but for those of you that have read it, im joshua*,real name Anthony Fort, i dont care who knows this but i've been thinkin of a way that i can give a shout out to the world how great candice really is and how bad people really are. So thank you for who ever reads this and replies,thank you so much candice. The words that i have to say to you arent enough, you gave me my life back and i thank you so much, so please if anybody knows how to contact Candice Delong she is my angel and i lost her, i need to tell her two words. THANK YOU Bye candice and to ever reads this Anthony Fort