Candice Michelle

Candice Michelle


9/30/1978, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Birth Name

Candice Michelle Beckman



Also Known As

Candice, Candice Michelle Ehrlich, Nikki Cappelli, Candice Michelle
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Candice Michelle was born on Sept 30th 1978. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconson. She moved to L.A. to start an acting career. She appeared in various tv shows such as "Monk", "7th Heaven". On Nov 14th 2004 Candice debuted in the WWE. Candice has posed for Playboy.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • candice michelle? =P

    Candice Michelle is not a good wrestler. I dont care if anyon says otherwise. The fact of the matte ris that she's not a good wrestler.I thought all those hate tribute videos about her on youtube were a bit harsh, but they have a really good point. When she came to the wwe she was interested in wrestling one little bit. Whoever decided that candice michelle should be a women's champ is out of their mind. wwe keeps forgetting very talented female wrestlers like natalya, jillian, katie lea, victoria. they are kind of underrated. instead of giving the championship to them, they decide candice michelle. wwe makes really bad decisions a lot.moreless
  • Candice Michelle is a wwe diva on the raw roster.

    Candice Michelle is a very beautiful women, she has appeared in adult films, playboy, and many episodes of Raw. She has every fantasy a man wants in one thing. She has a great tan body with amazing brown hair and body you will just kill just so you could have a night with. At first Candice could not wrestle one lick, but over a little bit of practice here and there she became one of the better wrestlers out of all the divas. Melina,Mickie James,and Victoria, and Hall, and Beth are the only women on the diva roster that are better wrestlers than her. So keep up the good work Candice you look great doing it.moreless