Cara DeLizia

Cara DeLizia


4/10/1984, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Birth Name

Cara Elizabeth DeLizia


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Cara Delizia lives in Burbank CA she was born April,10,1984 she has two dogs and an older sister Melissa Cara likes rollerblading, bowling and going to the mall Cara's first tv apperance was a commercial for robetussin when she was 5. Some of Cara's favorite tv shows are…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • I became a fan due to her two-year role on "So Weird".

    I consider myself a fan of Cara's, but I haven't really seen her in much. Only two different things, actually: Disney's awesome series "So Weird" and her episode of "ER". She's done a few guest spots here and there but I always miss them.

    What I like about Cara is that she's willing to put everything into her characters emotionally. She really makes an effort and makes you invest in her and care. In "So Weird" she was never afraid to expose herself and break down and downright ball when necessary. It's something most young actors can't seem to do and for that reason I'm shocked Cara hasn't gotten more work.

    Perhaps she's not looking for much. But if she is, I hope she's cast in her very own show.moreless