Carey Hart

Carey Hart


7/17/1975, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Carey Hart


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Carey watched 'Pink' walk down the candle lit aisle to him on their wedding day, to the song "She's Always A Woman" by Billy Joel.

    • Carey married long time girlfriend Alicia Beth Moore ('Pink') on the beach in Costa Rica January 7th, 2006. The couple separated in 2008.

    • Carey goes by the nickname 'Vegas'.

    • Carey and Pink have matching Tru Luv tattoos on their wrists.

    • While Carey was racing in the June 2005 California Pro 250 Racing Finals Competition, Pink held up a sign from the stands, asking him to marry her. He drove off of the track during the race to say yes.

    • Carey admitted to his Surreal Life roommates that he struggled with alcoholism, and pill addiction after a major motorcycle accident.

    • Carey's favorite foods are BBQ and Mexican fare. His style is a pair of Dickies pants, hung low, a black tee-shirt, and his middle finger.

    • Carey got his first tattoo a week before his 18th birthday. It is a skull with flames, and his old race number on his chest. He started to get heavily tattooed at age 21.

    • Carey owns the only tattoo shop in the world that is located inside a casino.

    • Carey appears in Kid Rock's video for Bawitdaba, as the guy who jumps over the trailer park on a motorcycle.

    • Carey played bass with the punk band Pennywise, during the 2001 Warped tour.

    • Carey appeared on the MTV reality prank show PUNK'D, to pull a joke on his girlfriend, Pink.

    • Carey has broken more than 30 bones riding motorbikes, including his femur twice.

    • Carey was a part of Tony Hawk's extreme sports tour, called Boom Boom Huckjam, in October 2002.

    • Carey introduced the world to his trademark moves, including : The Superman Seat Grab, The Hart Break, and The Hart Attack,( a mid-air handstand on a motorcycle).

    • Carey's favorite athlete is Shawn Palmer.

    • Carey is sponsored by the Jones Soda Company, FOX, DVS, MOSH, Acerbis, and Dunlap.

    • Carey has his own trading card game, and action figure toy modeled after him.

    • Carey turned professional at age 17, and began riding freestyle, at age 23.

    • Carey learned to ride his first motocross bike at age four, when his father bought him one as a birthday gift.

    • Carey met Alecia Moore aka Pink, the hard rocker at the 2001 X Games, and began dating. They broke up in 2003, but reconciled in June of 2005.

    • Carey was the first rider to ever complete his signature move the Hart Breaker, which is a complete back flip on a 250cc motorcycle. He did so at the 2000 Gravity Games, and was left with a compressed vertabrae in his lower back, and pulled ligaments.

    • Carey is a professional mottocross bike rider, an actor, and owner of Hart & Huntington tattoo shops.

    • He was in Pink's video for "Just Like A Pill"

    • Carey owns two tattoo shops but does he give tatoos himself? Nope, he's the apprentice on the show along with Dizzle (another castmember on the show).

  • Quotes

    • Cary: (following his marriage breakdown with singer Pink) We talk all the time and try to stay connected as much as possible. It's a tough situation to be in but I love her to death. I miss everything about her.

  • The inventor of the Backflip.

    Great rider. Love him and Pink together. Great guy.
  • I wanted to share this video I just posted is all about Carey… the bikes he likes to ride, him singing with Pennywise at warped tour. Hope you like it!

    I wanted to share this video I just posted is all about Carey… the bikes he likes to ride, him singing with Pennywise at warped tour. Hope you like it!

    If you want to get a quick sum up of Carey Hart, you should check out this video clip I posted. It's all about Carey. He looks great! Watch for his performance with Pennywise.. It's not to be missed! He's so talented.. or mutli-talentented I should say.

    Check out Jim Fletcher, Byron, and Jason along with Carey Hart in this Warped Tour footage I posted. Enjoy and make sure to watch for other posts!moreless