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    • Carey: I consider it a great advantage, that every job I do is like going to drama school.

    • Carey: (about role as Elsie) I could relate to her in every way.

    • Carey: The time I spent doing The Seagull was everything to me. It was like falling in love with life.

    • Carey: The only actor I had ever met in my life was Julian Fellowes, who came to do a talk at my school. I wrote to my headmistress explaining that I didn't want to go to university and wanted to get in touch with him. I knew it was a bit of a long shot, but I was desperate.

    • Carey: (about the story of My Boy Jack) As I read the script, over and over again, every time I cried.

    • Carey: (About Bleak House) When they ask Jarndyce if they can get married, he says no. Part of Ada is really still loyal to Jarndyce, because obviously he's looking after her and she's living with him, but part of her is so in love with Richard and she really does want to get married. It's horrible, though.

    • Carey: (about role as Ada Clare) I don't think that Ada has encountered many men before. I never had it in my head that she did, anyway. But when someone is thrust into your life and you see them every day, and you have to live with them, it's probably inevitable they will get on well with each other.

    • Carey(about Bleak House): The thing I noticed about it is that it seems to be really fast- moving. With a lot of costume dramas, you sit there and see a sweeping shot of a beautiful house, but it's like: 'What's happening with the story?' But this adaptation is all really quick. It's really cool.

    • Carey (about Bleak House): There are so many story lines, though, that I didn't even get to meet a quarter of the cast. I auditioned twice for the role but had to go back again, as the tape hadn't worked in my second audition and they didn't get any of it on camera.

    • Carey: But when someone is thrust into your life and you see them every day, and you have to live with them, it's probably inevitable they will get on well with each other.

    • Carey: I went to boarding school and you become really good friends with people within about a week, because you have to as you're living with them.

    • Carey(about roll on The Seagull): Ian keeps calling me the Golden Child because Nina's chasing fame in the pursuit of glory.

    • Carey: I'm very excited about winter because I love jackets and coats. Ive got so many I cant fit them into my flat.

    • Carey: When I was 11, I went to a disco wearing a shiny purple shirt with green flares and silver wedge shoes. I wasn't cool, and I'm still not.

    • Carey (about working with big stars): God, it was terrifying, especially when I heard people like Charles Dance were in it. I couldn't really believe I was in a show with all these people. I remember just looking around, thinking, there's Alistair McGowan, and theres Johnny Vegas. A lot of them look like Dickens characters, they've got amazing faces.

    • Carey: You get quite strict about your corset its like, come on, tighter, tighter.

    • Carey (interview with David Tennant.): It would be quite fun to go on - But everyone wants to go on an adventure with the Doctor so that was a loss. Also it was a bit of a let down to tell your friends that you were in Doctor Who, but he's not in it.

    • Carey (regarding filming spot): We were like one big family. We took over the house. It was so much fun. Brenda Blethyn mummied us all - when we had days off she took us on day trips to a llama farm.

    • Carey (regarding her big break): I was on the train going to work when I got the call saying I had the part. I had to go and work at the pub that evening - I was pulling pints with a massive grin on my face.

    • Carey: I had wanted to act for a really long time, but other schools I had been to did not have such good drama departments. Everyone was so encouraging. You could do anything you wanted to, although you had to take it seriously. If you missed a rehearsals, you were out.