Cariba Heine

Cariba Heine


10/1/1988, South Africa

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Cariba Heine is your ordinary Australian girl: except she is a teenage celebrity. After moving to Australia from South Africa at a young age, Cariba instantly became a part of dance and drama. She performed in a wide variety of plays and short films before landing the role…more


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    • Cariba: (when asked who does she most want to work with) I'd love to work with Natalie Portman or Cate Blanchett, I have such enormous respect for them both. There's a heap of Australian actors I'd love to work with as well.

    • Cariba: (when asked if she prefers acting or dancing) I've danced for a lot longer than I've acted so obviously I find dancing much more natural and easy but I can safely say I love acting now as well.

    • Cariba: (when asked is she and the cast are really close) We were all really lucky to have moved to the Gold Coast to film H2O because it meant that we all had each other to hang out with on the weekends and luckily we all got along! I'm actually sharing a house in Sydney now with Angus, Burgess and Jamie who play Lewis, Zane and Nate, they're such fun boys!

    • Cariba: (when asked what was the most fun thing she have ever had to do on set) We had a really exciting scene in the first series where Zane and I had to sit in the middle of a ring of fire, I had a lot of fun that day.

    • Cariba: (when asked what's the best thing about playing Rikki) Rikki's just a lot of fun to play, she's got the little 1 liners and it's always fun to be sarcastic! She's also quite complex which makes her interesting for me.

    • Cariba: (when asked what are the similarities between her and Rikki) I think Rikki and I are both pretty honest as people, though I'm not as blunt as her. She can be a little harsh sometimes! Other than that, we both like to observe people before we decide if we like them or not though Rikki has a huge wall to break through before she'll call you a friend.

    • Cariba: (when asked what was the audition like for the role of Rikki) I actually did 3 auditions for the role of Rikki. I used to have to travel 3 hours for each casting and after the first audition I apologised to my dad for having to drive me the whole way because I thought it was so bad! So getting the first call back was pretty surprising. The last audition was actually in Queensland and they got us in the water in a tail to see how we'd go in the water without any proper mermaid training.

    • Cariba: (when asked how she started acting): I kind of fell into acting through my dancing. My agent started sending me to acting castings and then I got H2O much to my surprise!