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  • Completely overrated... What more can I say?

    I have never liked CariDee one bit. I understand some other people like her, and that's fine, because everyone is entitled to his and her opinion. I respect that whether the logic or reasoning behind it is morally decent or whatever....

    I look down upon girls that don't have class. By that, I mean I loathe women who make out or sleep around with random guys. What is worse is that they show it on TV.... I worry today's young girls would imitate that. Argh! I really think young girls nowadays should remain young and innocent. A lot of them follow whatever that is shown on the teleivions. What CariDee did with that Spanish guy was really a terrible influence.....

    What is up with "if Melrose wins, I'm gonna puke all over"? Does she not know how to respect another individual? Did they never teach her that in school or something? Honestly, I expect America's next top model to have a lot more class, dignity, and respectable personality, definitely not anything CariDee has.