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    • Carl Binder: (On his hopes for season 4 of Stargate Atlantis) Aside from the obvious, I hope it's incredibly entertaining and the fans really enjoy it. Last year, we introduced a lot of things that were making life easier for us in Atlantis. And what I hope for Season Four is to introduce a lot of things that make life more difficult for us. Because I think that that provides for better drama -- when it's more difficult. When we have a higher mountain to climb. I hope by the end of Season Four our team is as strong as ever, but that our city is in even more trouble than ever. [Laughter] Which I think is the way you keep a series going. Because if everything is too comfortable, then it's not as interesting. It's us against them. It's that tiny outpost in another galaxy. I really hope we can reinvigorate that concept.

    • Carl Binder: (On the addition of Carter in season 4 of Stargate Atlantis) In "Lifeline" ... she's not huge in "Lifeline." "Adrift" and "Lifeline" are all about bringing Samantha Carter into the Atlantis universe, and sort of organizing everything for the season. And she's not in "Missing." So I really haven't had to write for her yet. But just from the read-throughs ... we've started having read-throughs! And we saw the first cut of Robert [Cooper]'s episode, "Doppelganger." She provides such a great presence for the series. I've been very impressed. And she brings that piece of SG-1 to Atlantis, which I think is really interesting. Although, being there -- she is Samantha Carter but she's in this new role, so she's almost kind of a different presence in Atlantis than she was in SG-1. So it's interesting to see her as the leader. And we're hoping to explore ... We have a lot of episodes -- not a lot, but her coming into this new role. Into this leadership role. And the struggles that she has initially when she first comes. You know, some clashes with certain team members. The decision-making that you have to make in moments of crisis. That's going to be brought under the microscope for her. So it will be interesting to see her in those things.

    • Carl Binder: (On season 4 of Stargate Atlantis) It will still be Atlantis, obviously. But there will be some changes. At the end of last season, we kind of gave the show what's called a "soft reset," where we are changing things up to send the show in a different direction. And this new season, we want to just make life a little more uncomfortable for our people -- which always makes for better drama. And so there's going to be some more twists. I know that sounds like we say that all the time, but I think there are going to be some ... a lot of things are going to come to a head this year. And there's going to be some new villains introduced. Life is not going to get any easier. In fact, it's going to get much more rough for us this year. I was just down on the set yesterday talking with Michael Blundell, the DP [director of photography] on the show. The look of the show has a bit of a darker feel this year. Just from the sets ... the way the set is lit. The whole series has a bit of a darker feel, which I think is an interesting way to take it

    • Carl Binder: (On his favorite Stargate Atlantis episode) Well, you'll see a pattern developing in my favorite episodes. I really liked, from last year, I really liked "Duet." I really liked "Grace Under Pressure." Of the ones I did, my favorites were "Michael" and "Critical Mass." I like those episodes that are more about character and more of the personal kinds of episodes. And I would say they were my favorites. I really liked "Instinct." [I] thought that was a really interesting episode. The first of the retrovirus episodes.

    • Carl Binder: (On making the transition to Sci-Fi) Well, it was terrifying, actually, because I came on to the show last year. The first episode I wrote -- it wasn't the first episode that was produced of mine -- but the first script that I wrote coming on staff was "Aurora," which was an idea that Brad had pitched to me. I worked it out and turned in a first draft ... and everyone hated it. [Laughter] We had a rather long note session and then, "OK, alright. Now I'm getting it. Now I'm getting it." So I did the next draft, which went over quite well. And then my next script, "Condemned," was received a little bit better. As Robert said when I started, because in the first month I was walking around here like a zombie, reading these scripts, this kind of glazed-over look on my face, he said: "You'll feel overwhelmed, and then at a certain point you'll be absorbed in the world and you'll start thinking within the world." If you're a storyteller you're a storyteller, and then you just adapt that storytelling skill to the genre -- to the world that you're in. So, ultimately I still feel a bit of a fish out of water in that sometimes when I sit in there with them and they're talking ideas and bouncing around ideas I feel like I'm 10, 20 steps behind them, and have to come in here afterwards and sort of go, "What were they ... OK, OK ..." Slowly. I still feel a little bit behind but I'm feeling much more comfortable in the world this year than last year.

    • Carl Binder: (On joining the Atlantis writing staff) Well, simply put, what brought me to this office was Brad Wright. He and I worked together several years ago on a series called Neon Rider. We were both starting out in the industry, both story editors on that show. Then he went off one way, I went off another, and [we] sort of forged our own path. He created this whole franchise, and about a couple years ago he told me that they were going to do this spin-off of Stargate, and [asked] is it something I would be interested in? So he sent me the pilot for the "Rising" episode -- the pilot for Atlantis. I read it and I said -- I'm not really a science fiction writer, so I said, "It sounds really interesting. I don't know if I can do it, but let me give it a shot by doing a freelance episode." So I came up with some ideas. I pitched one of them, which then became the "Before I Sleep" episode. So they flew me up. We broke the story in the writer's room. I went off and wrote that and it came out pretty good. So he then called me and said "Can you do another?" So I did "Letters from Pegasus" And after I did that script he called and said, "Do you want to come on the show?" I said, "Great!" So here I am. Obviously I owe my thanks to him because I don't think anyone would hire me on a science fiction show, because I don't have a science fiction pedigree.