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    • Carl Binder: (On joining the Atlantis writing staff) Well, simply put, what brought me to this office was Brad Wright. He and I worked together several years ago on a series called Neon Rider. We were both starting out in the industry, both story editors on that show. Then he went off one way, I went off another, and [we] sort of forged our own path. He created this whole franchise, and about a couple years ago he told me that they were going to do this spin-off of Stargate, and [asked] is it something I would be interested in? So he sent me the pilot for the "Rising" episode -- the pilot for Atlantis. I read it and I said -- I'm not really a science fiction writer, so I said, "It sounds really interesting. I don't know if I can do it, but let me give it a shot by doing a freelance episode." So I came up with some ideas. I pitched one of them, which then became the "Before I Sleep" episode. So they flew me up. We broke the story in the writer's room. I went off and wrote that and it came out pretty good. So he then called me and said "Can you do another?" So I did "Letters from Pegasus" And after I did that script he called and said, "Do you want to come on the show?" I said, "Great!" So here I am. Obviously I owe my thanks to him because I don't think anyone would hire me on a science fiction show, because I don't have a science fiction pedigree.