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    • Carl Binder: (On making the transition to Sci-Fi) Well, it was terrifying, actually, because I came on to the show last year. The first episode I wrote -- it wasn't the first episode that was produced of mine -- but the first script that I wrote coming on staff was "Aurora," which was an idea that Brad had pitched to me. I worked it out and turned in a first draft ... and everyone hated it. [Laughter] We had a rather long note session and then, "OK, alright. Now I'm getting it. Now I'm getting it." So I did the next draft, which went over quite well. And then my next script, "Condemned," was received a little bit better. As Robert said when I started, because in the first month I was walking around here like a zombie, reading these scripts, this kind of glazed-over look on my face, he said: "You'll feel overwhelmed, and then at a certain point you'll be absorbed in the world and you'll start thinking within the world." If you're a storyteller you're a storyteller, and then you just adapt that storytelling skill to the genre -- to the world that you're in. So, ultimately I still feel a bit of a fish out of water in that sometimes when I sit in there with them and they're talking ideas and bouncing around ideas I feel like I'm 10, 20 steps behind them, and have to come in here afterwards and sort of go, "What were they ... OK, OK ..." Slowly. I still feel a little bit behind but I'm feeling much more comfortable in the world this year than last year.