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    • Carl Binder: (On the addition of Carter in season 4 of Stargate Atlantis) In "Lifeline" ... she's not huge in "Lifeline." "Adrift" and "Lifeline" are all about bringing Samantha Carter into the Atlantis universe, and sort of organizing everything for the season. And she's not in "Missing." So I really haven't had to write for her yet. But just from the read-throughs ... we've started having read-throughs! And we saw the first cut of Robert [Cooper]'s episode, "Doppelganger." She provides such a great presence for the series. I've been very impressed. And she brings that piece of SG-1 to Atlantis, which I think is really interesting. Although, being there -- she is Samantha Carter but she's in this new role, so she's almost kind of a different presence in Atlantis than she was in SG-1. So it's interesting to see her as the leader. And we're hoping to explore ... We have a lot of episodes -- not a lot, but her coming into this new role. Into this leadership role. And the struggles that she has initially when she first comes. You know, some clashes with certain team members. The decision-making that you have to make in moments of crisis. That's going to be brought under the microscope for her. So it will be interesting to see her in those things.