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  • TV-MOVIE/PILOT "Secrets Of A Hollywood Nurse" Check it out on IMDB link

    Plot Summary

    This, dark comedy follows a few days in the life of our favorite Nurse/Actress, Tanya Brandt who gets caught in a psychotic entanglement with one of her homicidal patients. The film starts with a very dramatic "death montage soliloquy", a monologue patchwork of movie death scenes, that lead to Tanya's drug overdose death. We fade to blackout & abruptly find that she is alive & well on-stage, bowing before a full "Actor's Showcase" audience. We follow Tanya on her nursing rounds, which take her into the exotic lifestyles of Hollywood's rich & famous. Tanya rattles on about her stellar performance of her "death montage soliloquy" & about her new agent, Stan. Her career is about to take off! Then Tanya meets Marla, her newest patient, a "has-been" of '60s B-movie fame. Tanya's life starts to fall apart, as Marla drives her into an out-of-control, girl-on-girl pool fight-scene & a soap-opera death scene that may be a little too real. "Secrets of a Hollywood Nurse" is a tightly wound, sinisterly humorous tale of the descent of an egocentric young nurse/actress into the depths of the insanity, narcissism & deadly desperation of Hollywood.

    Summary written by Anonymous

    Sasha Rovin ... Tayna Brandt 76,917

    Twink Caplan ... Marla Sinclair 9,499

    George Alan ... Drago 35,629

    Carl Gottlieb ... Stan 14,360

    Stacey Dash ... Reporter 533

    Lily Agosto¹ ... Marisol 45,011

    Taylor Negron ... Martin 4,610

    Gary Riotto ... Don 99,601

    Brian Finney ... Producer 69,371

    Willard Huyck ... Old Writer 26,016

    Raphel Gamon ... Ron 604,900

    Selene Luna ...