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  • Carl Lumby- Stealth Actor?

    As one of the agents worked over by Arvin Sloane, and the Sloane clone of Season Four, on Alias, Carl Lumbly's Agent Marcus Dixon is truly a stealth weapon!

    We've seen the family man deal with the loss of his long-time wife, the kidnapping of his children, the seeming betrayal of several co-workers and a promotion and demotion in his department.

    It might've been harder for the amazing Mr. Lumbly if he hadn't served quiet notice during his run as Mark Petrie in Cagney & Lacey and proved his ability to command the screen as Dr. miles Hawkins, a.k.a. M.A.N.T.I.S.! There was a doctor role in the short-lived Going To Extremes.

    In his scenes last season on Alias, he sizzled with Angela Bassett; he also brought a palpable contented, settled-in love for Dix's wife, Diane. The tone when she was taken from him would pierce the heart of anyone who's fallen in love.

    It's easy to laud his parts, as he makes the men he inhabits feel real, guys you would want to hang out with and have a drink or two with. He goes from good husband and father to concerned friend to quiet assassin to raging-at-the-universe-and-you're-in-the-way, sometimes, even in the same episode!

    I'd just babble on, like the fangirl I am, so I'll just suggest strongly to stop down and watch this lovely man do all sorts of things, even a bit unlovely, and find yourself another to-watch actor!