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Carl Riseley

Carl Riseley


12/21/1982, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Carl Riseley


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Carl Riseley was a humble Navy Trumpet player from Australia. quietly enjoying the big life of big band music and hiding an underlying singing talent. However auditioning for Australian Idol rocketed Carl to the top three on the hit Australian show. Still trumpeting, still enjoying big band music,…more


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    • Carl: (Referring to Matt Corby and Natalie Gauci) Man, I am so thrilled for these two, these two are the most talented guys I have ever met.

    • Carl: (About his favourite judge on "Australian Idol") Marcia for sure! She's got soul. I really do like 'em all though.

    • Carl: (on what aspects apart from a strong voice he believes a performer needs) I believe in maybe what you might like to call a "NATURAL FEEL" or "NATURAL GROOVE" - that either you have or you don't.

    • Carl: (while sharing a house with other "Australian Idols") My heart beats hard when I'm going to be just on time or a bit late for something. So I do get cranky when I'm up early and ready to go and other people aren't.

    • Carl: I'm just a trumpet player I've been doing it since I could walk, I can't believe I'm here.

    • Carl: If I could win an ARIA for anything, I would probably want it to be the Highest Selling album for 2007/2008 — Carl Riseley: The Winner´s Journey. Haha.

    • Carl: I´d love to do a concert back in my hometown at Seagulls Club on the Gold Coast, just so I can play to all my friends and family.

    • Carl: (About Australian Idol) I think Nat deserves to win. She´s been working hard on her arrangements…on everything musically. And she´s a little bit older than Matt. I believe Matt is going to go really well regardless.

    • Carl: (after leaving "Australian Idol") I don't know if Australia was ready to hear my swing version of the new Australian Idol hit. We did it, and it sounded bloody horrible. I didn't quite work, but it was fun mucking around with it.

    • Carl: (on "Australian Idol" finalist Tarisai Vushe, after she verbally attacked him following her exit from the show ) I just think the whole thing was a bit immature. She's just a little naive and had a bit of a temper.

    • Carl: (on how he prepares before an audition) Ha! Well… I play the dominant scale in the song I'm singing on the trumpet a few times, get the key centre in my head. Then sing it as well.

    • Carl: (on his feelings at his first audition) Well… I was fine, quite composed until of course they said 'No!' and I had to come up with something good... and fast!

    • Carl: (on his feelings at his first audition) Well… I was fine, quite composed until of course they said 'No!' and I had to come up with something good... and fast!

    • Carl: (on the best bit of advice he has been given) Whatever it is you may be doing, never get distracted - always be in the moment.

    • Carl: (asked if he has a strategy to stay in the "Australian Idol" competition)I definitely have a plan that I want to stick to, I don't know if I'd call it a strategy. My plan basically is to just keep showing the public who I am and who I want to be.

    • Carl: (on getting into the final 12 on "Australian Idol") Oh, man. It's unbelievable. I didn't want to have any expectations, I wanted to prepare myself to go home. I'm speechless. It's amazing. It's only started to sink in this morning.

    • Carl: (About his favourite music style) Swing of course! Or Jazz as a whole, but I definitely enjoy all types.

    • Carl: I first heard Stevie Wonder's "Natural Wonder Album Live in Tokyo". To front a band like that would be the ultimate!

    • Carl: (Telling his favourite thing about his Australian Idol experience) Hanging out with the most talented individuals I have ever met.