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Carla Bonner





3/3/1973 , Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Birth Name

Carla Bonner




Carla is the mother of two boys, Harley and Jhye from a long-term relationship with her childhood sweetheart. They split in 2002, but are still very close friends.

Carla is involved in the promotion and awareness of Aids charities, and is currently promoting YEAH, a charity dealing with AIDS in Young Australians and helping educate the young in dealing with and preventing the disease. Carla revealed her father Peter Bonner died of AIDS at the age of 37 after receiving infected blood during a transfusion, after a kidney transplant. Carla was 13.

Carla began her role as Steph on Neighbours in 1999, and it was her first major acting job, but she had previous smaller television parts.