Carla Gugino

Carla Gugino


8/29/1971, Sarasota, Florida, USA

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She was born in Sarasota, Florida. Carla is of Italian-American descent. She had a kidney operation when she was just four years old. When she was 5 years old she moved to Paradise, California, with her mother. During her childhood she moved many times within the state. However,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Her father, Carl, is an orthodontist. Her mother's name is Susan.

    • Carla names Martin Scorsese and the Coen Brothers to be among her favorite directors.

    • For Entourage, Carla and the cast shot live at a Laker game. She even met Jack Nicholson, who she said was charming.

    • Carla is always tempted to read the end of a book first to find out what will happen.

    • Carla is bicoastal. She maintains a home in Manhattan and in the LA area.

    • Carla auditioned unsuccessfully in Italy for a role in a Franco Zefferelli film.

    • Carla appeared on Broadway as Catherine Holly in Tennessee Williams' Suddenly Last Summer for 5 months at the end of 2006 into 2007. She played the role made famous by Elizabeth Taylor in the 1959 film version. This on the heels of her appearance in Arthur Miller's After the Fall,

    • Carla makes a cameo appearance as Janet in 2007's The Lookout.

    • Threshold, last season's aborted Carla Gugino vehicle, is now available on DVD with episodes not aired.

    • Keri Russell was also in the Bon Jovi music video "Always", with Carla.

    • Carla will be fighting aliens in 2005-2006 as Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey in the new Fall science fiction series Threshold. Those lucky aliens!

    • She was selected by Maxim magazine as #38 in their list of the 100 sexiest women for 2002.

    • Carla won the 1999 Blockbuster Entertainment Award as Favorite Supporting Actress for her role in "Snake Eyes."

    • When not working Carla loves yoga, travelling and spending time with her friends.

    • "Center of the World" director Wayne Wang decided not to cast Carla in the lead because he "was worried that she would eat the movie up with her sexuality," instead casting Molly Parker.

    • This tiny, buxom brunette actress is reportedly 5'5", 35-25-35. According to Mr. Skin they are real and, of course, spectacular.

    • Carla on how her Karen Sisco character might fit in the noir pantheon, "I think (Karen) is much more like a Robert Mitchum silent type from the 50's. She's always falling for the wrong guy."

    • Carla on preparing to play an officer of the law, "I did gun training - I was really good! We're (shooting at a target) with that paper and a guy on it. The police instructor says, 'Go for the chest,' and I got almost all of the shots in the chest. He said I was better than some cops when they're starting."

    • She did an ad campaign for L'Oreal.

    • Carla's Karen Sisco character was originated on-screen by Jennifer Lopez in the film "Out of Sight." imho Carla played the role with the same level of heat, but a lot more sensitivity.

    • In Winter 2004 Carla played to great reviews on Broadway in a revival of Arthur Miller's After the Fall, playing the fragile sexbomb Maggie (read Marilyn Monroe Miller) opposite "One Foot Under's" Peter Krause. She appeared nude on stage in one daring scene.

    • In 1998, she worked both sides of the camera in "Judas Kiss" for which she both co-starred and co-produced.

    • Appeared with Jake Busey (son of Gary) multiple times, most recently when he was a semi-regular on "Karen Sisco."

    • She has worked multiple times with director Robert Rodriguez, most recently in "Sin City."

    • She has worked multiple times with director Sebastien Gutierrez, including one episode of "Karen Sisco."

    • She has a little butterfly tattoo on the inside of her left ankle.

    • As a teen model she was considered to be too short to do runway work. She is now an explosive 5'5" package.

    • Her aunt is actress Carol Merrill, best known as the spokesmodel for "Let's Make a Deal."

    • She appeared as the primary female character in Bon Jovi's "Always" video in 1994.

    • Appeared on Broadway last year to great reviews as Maggie the Cat in the revival of Tennessee William's classic "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." She reportedly gave a smouldering performance including a nude scene on stage.

  • Quotes

    • Carla: (on choosing Spy Kids over her vacation) I actually had tickets to Baja. I was going to lie in the sun! I was in such desperate need of a vacation. But a good movie is better than a good vacation.

    • Carla: Most often in Hollywood, actors play parts that represent their own personalities wonderfully. My roles try to reach outside my own personalities and my own projects to better define my acting career as a whole. As my career is better defined, the roles I take on as an actress lead to bigger and better projects.

    • Carla: I had just done this really dark role...and when I finish something very dramatic, I end up inevitably wanting to do a comedy.

    • Carla: But I would like to be able to, in 15 or 20 years to be able to be doing more producing because I do also find it to be part of the creative process. And it doesn't matter so much how many wrinkles you have on your face and all that kind of stuff.

    • Carla: The reality is the only reason to have your name really well known is so that you have better choice in projects.

    • Carla: I find often in Hollywood there are many people who play themselves really beautifully. And certain parts are not that dissimilar from who you are as a person. And there are other parts where you would like to think that you have nothing in common with those characters, but you probably do have more than you think.

  • One of the most underrated and talented actresses working today. Also, one of the most Beautiful actresses to ever grace the silver screen.

    Carla is a very talented actress & has that Girl next door quality about her. Although I must admit, i've never had a girl as Gorgeous as Carla living next to me! :) Besides her Incredible looks, she is also superb at bringing a believability to the characters that she plays on screen & has that quality that all great actors have, which is the chameleonic ability to disappear into whatever role that she is playing. Why she hasn't gotten more attention & bigger movie roles over the years is really baffling to me becuz this woman has it all. Brains, Beauty, Sex appeal & above all else, A whole lot of talent! I'm sure we'll be seeing alot more of her & I hope that someday she finally gets the recogition that she truly deserves.moreless
  • Great actress

    Very few actresses are both beautiful and talented, but the lovely Carla Gugino is one of them. She's also quite versatile; she's been on Broadway, TV, and in movies, and she plays a wide variety of characters. It's a shame Threshold and Karen Sisco were cancelled as soon as they were - both shows deserved so much better than that! I would love to see someone give her another show, since she makes a great leading lady. Her style of acting reminds me somewhat of Elizabeth Taylor's, so she was perfectly suited to play Ms. Taylor's character in Suddenly Last Summer on Broadway.moreless