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  • One of the most underrated and talented actresses working today. Also, one of the most Beautiful actresses to ever grace the silver screen.

    Carla is a very talented actress & has that Girl next door quality about her. Although I must admit, i've never had a girl as Gorgeous as Carla living next to me! :) Besides her Incredible looks, she is also superb at bringing a believability to the characters that she plays on screen & has that quality that all great actors have, which is the chameleonic ability to disappear into whatever role that she is playing. Why she hasn't gotten more attention & bigger movie roles over the years is really baffling to me becuz this woman has it all. Brains, Beauty, Sex appeal & above all else, A whole lot of talent! I'm sure we'll be seeing alot more of her & I hope that someday she finally gets the recogition that she truly deserves.
  • Great actress

    Very few actresses are both beautiful and talented, but the lovely Carla Gugino is one of them. She's also quite versatile; she's been on Broadway, TV, and in movies, and she plays a wide variety of characters. It's a shame Threshold and Karen Sisco were cancelled as soon as they were - both shows deserved so much better than that! I would love to see someone give her another show, since she makes a great leading lady. Her style of acting reminds me somewhat of Elizabeth Taylor's, so she was perfectly suited to play Ms. Taylor's character in Suddenly Last Summer on Broadway.
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    Carla Gugino is one of the great beauties of acting. She has not been in too much apart from the Spy Kids trilogy, Night At The Museum and sin Cty but in all of them she is great.
  • Why does her shows end up being short-lived!

    I really love Carla on Spin City, Chicago Hope, Karen
    Sisco, and last but definately not least, Threshold but all
    Of those shows were short-lived. Even though they opened to great reviews, just the audience wasn't there for them and that I hope that she lands a show in which the audience will be there!
    Very talented, gorgeous, and underrated as well as underappreciated IMO!
  • Why oh why didn't Threshold fly?

    I adore Carla. She can be tough or sweet, she has a terrific acting range. It's obvious what her emotions are. I really wish they would have given Threshold a bit longer to take flight, she shined in that show. I hope we see her in another show soon!!!

    One of the reasons that I like Carla so much is because she's not a "raving" beauty, she looks like she could be your next door neighbor ... or a best friend from HighSchool ... something like that. It's wonderful to see people that aren't "of the mold" and that have character in their faces. I love the fact that some of the leading actresses these days aren't all 6feet tall and twiggy ... GO curvy short girls.

    I can't wait to see Carla in something new!!!