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    • Carla: Unfortunately, "chick flick" has become a term to describe most movies that I don't even like. They're these movies that, yes, have women in them but they really don't reflect who women are, and there's something kind of silly or shallow or gossipy about them. There's a certain kind of nature to many of them that I just think, if it can be a great movie that has great women in it, it should just be considered a great movie! Or an interesting film. In the '50s it was women like Bette Davis who brought people into theaters and that's shifted lately, I think mostly because they write the big movies for men. And anytime you do get a great kick-ass woman, it's cool.

    • Carla: (on choosing Spy Kids over her vacation) I actually had tickets to Baja. I was going to lie in the sun! I was in such desperate need of a vacation. But a good movie is better than a good vacation.

    • Carla: Most often in Hollywood, actors play parts that represent their own personalities wonderfully. My roles try to reach outside my own personalities and my own projects to better define my acting career as a whole. As my career is better defined, the roles I take on as an actress lead to bigger and better projects.

    • Carla: I had just done this really dark role...and when I finish something very dramatic, I end up inevitably wanting to do a comedy.

    • Carla: But I would like to be able to, in 15 or 20 years to be able to be doing more producing because I do also find it to be part of the creative process. And it doesn't matter so much how many wrinkles you have on your face and all that kind of stuff.

    • Carla: The reality is the only reason to have your name really well known is so that you have better choice in projects.

    • Carla: I find often in Hollywood there are many people who play themselves really beautifully. And certain parts are not that dissimilar from who you are as a person. And there are other parts where you would like to think that you have nothing in common with those characters, but you probably do have more than you think.